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  • Posted By: Gogosandjr
  • October 15, 2008
  • 03:01 AM

Hello! My name is Christiana. I am 28 yrs old. I am writing here b/c I have had a issue for so long in my life, and I would like to figure it out and get the help I need.
I start having my monthly womanly visitor since I was the age 12. I was a heavy set child from the age of 7, I even produced my breasts around this age. My mother asked the doctors questions on why I was growing breasts at such a young age, and she got answers like oh its just baby fat. Well, anyways, when I started my menstrul cycles, even then they were heavy. I also in the same year got this mark, not quite like an abcess, not quite a pimple, not even a lump, just this mis-shaped mass under my left armpit. My mother asked drs what it could be, and at first no one knew. then it was a cyst. then it was a large amount of acne. Every dr. says oh we could cut it out and test it. Well, yeah, ok, thats cool, can you put me to sleep? NO! Well, No, i cant do it. 1 I fear needles, and 2 I dont handle pain with grace. SO I go throught the years (16 yrs) still asking, seeing my primary care, and obgyns. Well then it comes out as PCOS. Several drs. tell me that this is what the issue is. They put me on Birth control, and say only come off when you wanna concieve, so I do that b/c I do, I really do want kids. They put me on glucophage, My insulin levels are to high, and although i do not have diabetis this will lower my levels. so i do that. I have Extreme hair growth on my arms, and chin, and pretty much anywhere you could think of, so I start taking aldactone. I've gone for MRI's, blood work, urinalasis. Well, now through out the yrs, without the birth control, i go months upon months without a mensous. I have more under BOTH of my arms now, and goddess are they painful. Growing to the size of soft balls at times, and filled with infection. They burst and puss and blood go every where, ruining my clothing. i dont own one shirt with out the discusting mess ruins on them. I have also gained these marks in my sides, on my private regions, under my belly, my legs, buttocks. You name it, I think my body has found new places to overwhelmingly torture me. Now the other Major issue I have is, (now back to the beginning) I am over wiegh for my age, and hieght, and I feel I've NEVER had control over it. From the age 7 to now (28), I have gained a very LARGE amount of wieght. I am now 5'9" and 350lbs.
Now today I am sitting watching TV and my sister text messages me and says to turn on TLC. There is a program she feels I need to observe.There was a woman on there who pretty much went through her full life with my same exact issues, and told by several people she had PCOS, and then that no she did not, in a repetative manor of back and forth. SAME AS ME. She now knows she has nonclassical congenital adrenal hyperplasia. I need help. I need to know what I have, I need to get this handled. I want to lose the wieght, and the sores, and HAVE KIDS. I want children.

My email address is : Christiana_latshaw80@yahoo.com
Please, If there is a study, or anything that you feel i may gain something from, inform me, please.
Thank you for your time.

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