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Panic Attacks?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 24, 2007
  • 03:07 PM

Hello, it is tough to describe everything but I will do the best I can. I have not been diagnosed with anything but through my research I have diagnosed myself with panic attacks or possibly a panic disorder.

I am a 19 year old male living in Toronto, Canada and I don't know exactly what's going on with me.

It started back in early January 2007. I went to sleep and felt a sudden rush to my head that started at the back of my neck and traveled up to the top of my head, this was accompanied by uncontrollable fear and a sense of panic. Ever since then I have had a lot of trouble falling asleep because this would usually hit me as soon as I lay down and cleared my mind. Throughout the day things are better but I still feel a slightly different consciousness, I sometimes feel like I am disconnected from my body and experience what seems to be tunnel vision, I don't know if it is related but I have also discovered more veins in my eyes. As time has passed I have learned to handle it a lot better than at the beginning.

During the actual attack (that happens when I lay down and clear my mind) I experience the rush described above and uncontrollable fear that seems to come out of nowhere. I don't know if I am subconsciously afraid of the dark or falling asleep or what but none of these fears seem to be present to my knowledge.

I have had a CT scan of my head as well as blood/urine tests for pretty much everything, and I had an eye exam done and it was all good.

Thanks for your time, any input is appreciated.


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3 Replies:

  • Hi Peter!! Sounds like a Panic Attack to me.....I've had Hundreds of them.Try to not obsess over them though, that makes it worse.Keeping your thoughts in the present is the key, dont worry about yesterday or tomorrow.Good Luck!! Terri
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  • hey man, id like to say that all will be alright. i used to panic and have the same rush and i would fear for my life. for the longest time i felt them coming on but i learned how to stop them. just stay cool, don't panic because it will be okay. eventually mine went away.
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  • Hi Peter hope you are being strong.Have you been under more than usual stress? Stress can come from anywhere like work, relationships, illness, loss of a loved one, or been taking any stimulates like coffee and/or anything to help you stay awake or be able to workout longer/harder?Recently I learned that your adrenal glands can be depleted as they are the human body’s anti-stress glands. Once depleted they can cause a multitude of symptoms including anxiety and panic attacks. You can get a rush of adrenaline like a headrush feeling, then the panic sets in.I’m thinking that when your busy and active you’re burning off that adrenaline enough to keep you feeling okay (no panic), but once you lay down to rest/relax you are no longer using up the additional adrenaline so you feel the adrenaline rush.This happened to me, where the moment I’d become idle for a brief period I’d get a headrush (dizzy too) and a feeling of doom would wash over me. Since it only lasted a couple of minutes or less I brushed it off each time it happened and tried not to think about it as it was only once in a very long while. But then as I continued in my stressful life and incurred more stress as life just keeps on happening, my symptoms began getting more frequent and more severe. Finally I ended up in the ER where the doc simply brushed me off with “ you had an anxiety attack. Take these ‘pills’ and go home” well this was nov of 06. by Dec of ’06 I was in the ER (6 times all together) with worsening symptoms of all types.So to make a long story short, I had SEVERAL CAT scans, XRays, MRI’s, Echo test, Echo Stress test (both for my heart), wore a heart monitor for 24hrs, and filled countless vials for blood tests. Saw an ENT, Neurologist, Cardiologist, and my primary doc. Nobody could tell me what was wrong with me as every test came back fine. Meanwhile I was not fine as I kept getting a headrush, dizziness, head pressure, ear(s) pressure, ringing in my ears, heart palpitations, rapid heart beat, shakes, feeling of doom, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t relax, I couldn’t rest. I also had a severe sinus infection twice plus a multitude of other symptoms. All this between December of 06 thru now. I cant drive yet except for short distances. I have a cupboard full of meds. Also tried massage once a week for two months. Finally saw a DOM today. She told me about my adrenal glands. Performed some acupuncture, gave me some herbs, and sent me home with ‘4 take home needles' in my back. I’m now 8 ½ hrs after my appointment and I’m feeling AWESOME! All of my symptoms are greatly subdued!! After only my first treatment! I can hardly wait until my next Appt on Friday. If you’re interested check out this website on Adrenal Glands:http://tuberose.com/Adrenal_Glands.htmlI wish I had listened to AcuAnn when she posted to me on this website.Good Luck, get it taken care of before it gets worse. I doubt it will go away all by its self.Rob
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