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Pain in muscles and joints that doesn't go away

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  • Posted By: RedLotus
  • February 2, 2009
  • 10:36 PM

I'm a male 21 year old guy who has had several joints injuries, it's starting to get very painful and I feel as if it's starting to make my life miserable. I'm trying to seek advise about what to do, I'm currently consulting my normal doctor but I don't completely trust that he knows what to do and therefore doesn't take this seriously. So here is my story.

I'm not sure of the American term for this, but there's a genetic condition in my family in the shoulders blades that bow your upper back putting some more damage on the muscles and joints holding your head straight. So my neck area has always been a little more stiff than what is normal.

1) When I was 14 the pain started, first I started experiencing pain in the area just between my shoulder blades. It's a very sharp and annoying pain, but it's manageable. It triggers while I'm working with my arms over my head, while I'm in "thinker's pose" or actively using my muscles to contracts my arms in towards my back. This pain is pretty standard, it never gets worse than it is, it's easy to live with but very annoying.

2) When I was 18 I got my next problem, pain in my knees. A very generic pain right under the knee that triggers when I jump, squat or walk while carrying heavy weights on my back. I went to see the doctor and I was diagnosed by "runner's knee". I got this during a period where I had a lot of stress on my knee joints, Leg press, squatting and lots of running. When I went to see a specialist he told me that my calves where very tense, so tense that I've had problems locking my knee joints, something i wouldn't know because it has been that tense ever since I can remember, my calves are also hurtful at times, they have a very irritated sensation. My knees are starting to worry me, they feel very irritated and when I use them to do exercises they literally burn. And as of late while in the army my left ankle hurts a little when I walk over time.

3) My shoulder pain, this is the one that is hurting me the most. I got this one last year while in the military, every single day my shoulders where punished until they slowly started to hurt and in the end they just bursted making my everyday a living ***l. This pain is very sharp, yet so difficult to locate, it's in the front and I think it's a rotator cuff tear (awaiting an MRI at the moment). If I try to work out my shoulders burn if I just do one exercise, rowing, biceps curl, bench and shoulder pressing is burning pain. Normally I feel a slight buzz in my shoulder, like a dormant feeling awaiting one single mistake of the day so it can start it's havoc.

All this pain is starting to make my everyday a challenge and not of the good sorts, I feel miserable and way too young to be having all these problems. I will update this thread posting what the doctors find out, but these injuries have been going on for years and I feel completely defenseless to how to make them stop. At the same time I feel that every doctor I go to doesn't have a clue on how to deal with this. I would appreciate if someone could advice me on how to proceed both in medical choices and on tips of how to lessen the pain or how to make it completely disappear.

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  • Your shoulder injury sounds like a protracted shoulder girdle. This can make the muscles in between your shoulder blades weak (Rhomboids), as well as your Pectoralis Minor on the front. Stretching and strengthening these muscles should help. Your rotator cuff muscles are on the top of your scapula as well as behind the scapula. They can cause referred pain, but it's more likely your Pectoral muscles are weak, although I wouldn't doubt you have issues with either Infraspinatus or Subscapularis. I don't mean necessarily 'not strong' (although that can play a role), I mean their fibers have been placed in a constant state of shortening because of the winging of the shoulder. This makes them weak. You may have good tone and still have a weakened muscle. I would check out Serratus Anterior too. A well-qualified massage therapist should be able to provide you with a lot of relief for your shoulders as well as your knee. Be sure to check credentials, the standards are not the same everywhere. The one you choose should have extra training releasing the shoulder girdle or with Sports Massage for your knee. Don't just go to anyone, they are not all the same. FWIW, I have had much success in my practice working with shoulder dysfunction. There IS relief from the pain!
    Harmonium 322 Replies
    • February 6, 2009
    • 05:45 PM
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  • Thanks for the answers, I don't live near any antennas that I'm aware of. I've been moving around during the last years too.I think that you are right Harmonium, out of any description of my pain I have ever received that sounds like the most accurate to me. The muscles surrounding the shoulder blade area are very painful in a stinging way and I can say that I have some weakness in my upper pectorals and my upper back in general. Even though I used to train them a lot in the past and they would be strong they would tire fast as if they where weak, I guess that makes sense. There are a lot of physiological terms tossed in there, what exactly is causing the pain in the shoulder, is it that the upper peck shortness is pinching a nerve?Sometimes when I press on the infraspinatus muscles and a specific area at the sides of my lower neck I can feel a nerve connecting pain towards where my shoulders hurt. the part of the triceps nearest the shoulders also can get abnormally burning painful when working them out. I have never had any problems with my serratus that I know of though.All the nerve connections and pain makes me feel like I'm in a total mess of a body. Will I be able to relieve most of the pain if not almost completely recover a balance in the affected areas? Will I be able to train hard with weights again?Thank you a lot for the information, next time I see the doctor I can actually put a lot more words to describe my problem and hopefully things will start to get somewhere. I'm still scheduled for an MRI of the shoulder, will the doctor be able to see this problem through the MRI? And should I take an MRI of my shoulder blades too?A lot of questions, but I hope that you can answer them. I sincerely thank you again ^^
    RedLotus 1 Replies
    • February 9, 2009
    • 01:40 AM
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