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Pain in armpit with Numbness in arm and fingers

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  • Posted By: itsokman
  • December 30, 2009
  • 01:54 AM

I would like start off by saying that I’m not a doctor but only a person who has experienced a diagnose that was very difficult to understand. i want people to know about this because if it wasnt for me being persistent and my beautiful mother and my higher powers i would of never mde it. I would like to first start off with how it started. Which it happened to both arms just not at the same time. I strained my chest working out in the gym. The actual strain at the peck healed but I had pain in my inner triceps every time I keep moving my arm up. After some time I started to feel that every time I tried to stretch my chest it would feel like my nerves were stretching from the arm pit to the elbow. It felt like a horrible pain and my fingers and arm would go numb for the time I had my arm raised. The movement would be like when I stretch my chest and let my shoulder down. I would feel a numbness come to my fingers and when I let go my arm would get cold. I went to a neurologist and he perform many test on me including an NCV and other test. Everything came out negative. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and I had an MRI of my chest muscles, shoulder, triceps, and brachial plexus. I was completely fine in all my test but the pain had worsened I tried rehab 3 times and nothing. I couldn’t raise my arm all the way because of the numbness and pain all over my arm. I was negative in all aspects of my body. After a couple of months about 13 I started to feel a popping sensation right on my color bone. I went to another doctor and he found it very weird. He went threw all my test and agreed that on paper I was completely fine. But the Fact that the brachial plexus was popping when I did a movement with my arm which was raised up and move my shoulder up and down. My nerves were caught on something by my color bone. He immediately considered surgery. I was scared. It was 2 years trying to fine a cure and no doctor knew what it was. I took about 15 test and I came up negative on each one and all I had was this doctor who wanted to cut me open in my brachial plexus to examine to see if he can see what was bothering the brachial plexus. I agreed to the surgery. He video taped the surgery and found when he opened me (the incision was made on top of my collar bone next to my neck) up was that my nerves were on top of my first rib. He removed the rib. He cured me and I thank him every day of my life for such a blessing. I was born with two cervical ribs due to a big space between my lower ribs on each side. Both of my cervical ribs have been removed and I THANK GOD ****s AVE MARIA AND MI SANTITO RAFEAL IM CURED. I hope this has helped anyone who has had this pain I hope this can shed some light into your cure. Stay strong and never give up hope strength faith and love. Please if you can spread this to any forum so we can raise awareness.
Thank you:):)

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