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Overdosed on Magnesium

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  • November 5, 2008
  • 01:33 AM

Overdosing a patient can be a major thing for the medical professional and the patient. Take special precaution every time you administer medication, it’s your job and your patients LIFE on the line.
Being admitted to the hospital during my pregnancy because of high blood pressure and diagnosed with preeclampsea was the scariest thing I could have ever imagined at that time. Three different people taking my blood pressure and the doctor trying to hide his fear, I could see right through him. Not knowing what I know now I honestly didn’t know what to think, if I should be scared, calm, or relieved. Within an hour I arrive at Sparrow hospital and was registered then immediately put into a room in the Labor and Delivery portion of the third floor.
Doctors, Nurses, and an LCC Nursing student welcome me my room. As they are talking to me and my family about what will go on over the next 24 hours I sense a fear in everyone’s look on there face. I shortly received an IV that was connected to a magnesium sulfate pump, that was trying to keep me from having any kind of seizures, and I was receiving a anti hypertension pill to control my blood pressure, so I wouldn’t have any type of kidney failure or damage. From there on out I felt drowsy and like I was in another world. As I was closely monitored over these very long 24 hours my boyfriend starts crying and is worried because anything you look up about preeclampsea says that both the mother and baby can die from it if it’s not taken care of soon enough. Every time the nurses and doctors came into my room I asked “am I going to be okay?” “ is my baby going to be okay?” they both kept saying we have to control everything first and you may have your baby early, and we need to deliver your plecenta to help cure the preeclampsea. But they never really gave me an answer and I really started to get worried.
So while I was being monitored with the Magnesium Sulfate and my urine output the nurses started to notice that things did not seem right. My urine output kept decreasing it went from 300 ml’s to 34ml’s and a normal 24 hour span a human voids anywhere from 300 – 600 ml’s per day, my kidneys were starting to shut down. So when the Nurses contacted the Doctor, she came in as soon as she could. She decided it was time to take my baby.
At about 1:15 p.m. the Doctor came in an went over pre op and post op surgery and ordered the Nurse to shut off the Magnesium pump because my Magnesium level was where the Doctor wanted it for a cesarean section. After I went into the operating room any was prepped for surgery, the medical staff started to operate and delivery my baby girl who would be eight weeks early, weighing only three pounds, six ounces. After my placenta was removed I started to feel like I could not breath and I was going to vomit, but when I told them they said “ your fine, your still breathing” and I started to feel paralyzed and couldn’t move my muscles. One of the nurses said aww look at your beautiful baby, and I told her I couldn’t move, but she insisted that I touch her so she picked my arm up and touched my hand to my babys head. I remember that my baby was so darling. After touching my baby girl, I felt nauseous and threw up the grape acid tasting drink they gave my before I could go back for surgery, and the nurse had to push me over to my side, but shortly after I was put to my back again I really couldn’t breath and I started to go into respiratory arrest and I told the nurse “I don’t wanna die, please don’t let me die.” And I remember her telling me I wasn’t going to die and she wouldn’t let me die.
Come to find out after all the testing and MRI’s and CAT Scans and, other major procedures, my labor and delivery nurse who had been watching me all the day before and the day I had my baby, never turned my magnesium pump off. My nurse came into my room and said “we need to get rid of this” and my family nor I knew what she meant by saying that but the nurse meant to shut it off and turned it up instead. A normal Magnesium level is between 1 and 6, my magnesium level was 23! All healthcare professionals tell me how lucky I am to be alive because normally people die when their level reached 24 but most of the time it doesn’t even take that for someone to die. So being put on life support, intibated, was really scary for my family, for me, well I didn’t know because I was in a comma. When I came out of the comma I thought it was the same day I had my baby. I insisted to see her and remembered things about the surgery.
Having to go through what I did with my boyfriend, family, and friends has only made us closer but it is not the way I would have wanted it to happen.

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