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Ovary removed during surgery????

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  • Posted By: TRTLGRL
  • March 18, 2009
  • 08:01 PM

In May 2007 I had a lap myomectomy for what I thought was 3 fibroid tumors. After surgery, while in the hospital I was told that 4 were removed which I didnt think anything of at the time. During my 1st post op visit the dr showed me pictures of what was removed and commented that he "almost" removed an ovary thinking it was a fibroid. I thought it was strange tha he would even discuss this, but again, I let it go. I found out less than one year later I had 3 more fibroids. During the vaginal ultrasound I requested that she locate both ovaries. Only one could be detected. My ob-gyn explained that this could be because of gas. A few weeks later I had an MRI and was given very precise dimensions of my right ovary but yet again, no left ovary could be detected. During my visit to discuss the results he told me yet again, "it's not uncommon, could just be gas". The thought that he might have removed my ovary and is hiding it from me is disturbing. I think back now that maybe the 4th fibroid was indeed my ovary :(. Can't you normally feel ovaries during a routine OBYGYN check up? What else can I do to verify I do have both ovaries? I was thinking an MRI would be the most precise of all tests but would appreciate any help.

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  • Thanks, Blaze. I, too, thought that they could feel the ovaries during a routine exam yet when I asked him if I had two because i was concerned that on both the vaginal ultrasound and the MRI (which was done specifically to determine if I have two) only one was being detected his response was "well you should have two unless someone removed one". In my head I am thinking you pretty much are touching my tonsils during my exam yet you cant tell me if I have two ovaries? Thanks for your input, Blaze.
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  • Hi, Blaze. I am only 37 so not going through "the change" yet :) You are correct, they didn't pick up a left ovary on either the ultrasound (vaginal) or the MRI. That's what bothers me, they can give me the dimensions in centimeters of my right one but my left one is MIA. In my head, and correct me if I am wrong, isn't an MRI the most intricate of all possible tests to determine this? I just feel really betrayed about the whole thing. I am not really one that makes a big deal out of things but this is just urkin the ***l out of me. Regardless, of if I am going to have kids or that one ovary is enough to provide the hormones that I need, it's a betrayal and deceit scenario as far as I am concerned and I guess my dr probably thinks, I'll never find out so why fess up, ya know? I really appreciate your input. SIGH!
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  • Wow, Blaze! I am so sorry. I do know (or have heard) that Lymes disease is very difficult to detect and usually always never picked up. Going that long with it is definately dangerous. Have you recovered from everything???? I have realized too that if you dont "push" they just give u an answer and a prescription to fill.. Good for you for standing your ground. I know I complained for quite some too about what was going on with me he just told me my body was changing as I was getting older. Had he listed to me then, my fibroids wouldnt have been as big as they were and there would have been no confusion if it was a fibroid or ovary!
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  • If you're lucky, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice is two years in your state. Better talk with a lawyer asap. I think they biopsy each tumor/cyst, so maybe you could ask for a pathology report and see if it says what was removed. Don't waste any time if you plan to see a laywer...some states are one year, others two.
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