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Ovarian cyst?

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  • Posted By: Pollywolly
  • June 28, 2008
  • 02:15 PM

About two weeks ago I developed a pain in the left side of my lower back, I thought it was a general ache or back injury i had gotten from driving or being careless, the pain increased as the week went on until it was quite uncomfortable i tried doing some light yoga in the evening to stretch out my back but i stopped pretty quickly as i realised it had made the pain worse, the pain then began to increase until it became "waves" of agony every few minutes or so it had also moved so that it was also in my lower abdomen (left side) and groin. I took some paracetomol and codene from about 9 o’clock and night I could barely walk and could not sleep for the pain and was pretty much in agony until early morning I could take it no longer and was carted off to A and E I was luckily given a bed and seen by a nurse almost straight away but they didn't give me any painkillers for an hour or two then they gave me 50 mg of tramadol and injected something for my stomach i don't know what, the tramadol did nothing and I was in so much pain so they gave me 100 mg of tramadol then carted me in to have my kidneys looked at with kidney stones they found no stone and sent me to gyno by then it was almost four and the pain had lessened enough for me to fall asleep for half an hour until gyno came by then the pain was just a dull ache and sent me home saying he thought it may have been a kidney stone that had already passed through but that they will arrange a ultrasound to check for a cyst. when i got home I took codene for a few days and felt well enough I went to see my gp, who hadn't yet received the notes from the hospital but sent off to arrange an ultrasound she said it can take up to six weeks and to come back if I hadn’t heard anything in two weeks. The hospital was over a week ago and the pain is still there it moves from my back to my abdomen and right now it's a sharp ache in my groin. I seem to need to wee a lot which has worsened and have had some bloating in my stomach for some months. I have looked up ovarian cysts but most of what I can find doesn’t seem to equate ovarian cysts with the agony I experienced! I have been prescribed dicloflex which doesn’t really help with the discomfort and told to have them with paracetomol which I haven’t been taken too often because I don’t want to cause liver problems. I'm scared to do any exercise in case I aggravate anything. I am 25 and I do not suffer from polycystic ovaries. My periods are pretty much normal and are not usually painful. Has anyone else experienced the same thing, or know anything about this? I’m really worried my doctor thinks I’m exaggerating and I’m getting the brush off. I don’t think I can put up with this for 6 weeks!

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  • Pollywood, I am so dearly sorry that you had to experience so much pain. From what you posted, it sounds like you might have had a kidney stone that passed, but left damage. Your doctor is correct in doing an ultrasound and checking for a cyst, but if the pain persists, you need to call and make it know that you're not exaggerating. If at any time your pain comes on full force, don't be afraid to go to the ER right away--they'll at least look for a cause. Try a heating pad, that might help, and notice your liquid intake (higher liquid intake is associated with kidney stones). Best of luck,KC
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  • hey there pollywolly, well i have recently come out of hospital with a burst ovarian cyst and yes it was really sore, i was at work when i got pain, umm its a pian that u cant explain, the pain is so servere and if u get bad peroid pain its worst than that, umm i didnt get my pain from the back my pain was in my tummy and on the right hand side. i thought it was my apendix but i was wrong, umm apendix works with waves aswell and u get nausea, all i can say is dont give up and dont wait, push ur doctors and see what u get.
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  • Thanks for the replies both of you, I went to the doc today to complain about the pain he offered codene and tramdol, so i accepted tramodol prescription and I asked that he check for a secondary infection, which he did and called me up and told me it looks like there might be, so he's sending my sample off for more tests he prescribed a weeks course of antibiotics Pionagral; What do you mean by "kidney stone left damage"? Is this common? If so what kind of damage? Edith; How long did the pain last after the cyst burst? I have been given an gyno outpatient appointment for the seventh the letter says nothing about an ultrasound so I hope it's not simply a consultation!
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  • Ok so they looked at my ovaries and they were fine, the pain seems to have cleared up with the antibiotics!
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  • http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/forumdisplay
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  • I am experiencing the same problems as you but my gynaecologist told me that it is ovarian cycts and that i need to undergo an operation as soon as possible.
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    • December 31, 2010
    • 07:52 AM
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