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Open breast sore

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 5, 2006
  • 04:20 AM

Let me start by saying that I am asking for help for a woman who will not get it.. my 63 year old mother, who hasn't seen a doctor since she was a child and doesn't intend to do so; ever. This is more for me so that I can brace myself for what lies ahead, I need to know. She told me over the holiday that 5 years ago she found a lump in her breast. Then, about a year ago she found a pin hole in the same breast, which as grown in size now to half her breast and as she describes it, it looks like -- sorry -- raw meat. She of course refuses to see a doctor for any kind of treatment. Is this what it sounds like? Any help you can give me, would at least help me deal with what may come.

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  • Have you seen the wound? If the wound is spreading then she has an infection. My mother is a wound care specialist and has been one for over 20 years so I've read a lot of information on various infections. From the sound of it, it's probably a staff infection, or if the infection had spread rapidly, it could be Necrotizing Fasciitis. SHE NEEDS TO SEE SOMEONE IMMEDIATELY. At this point if its spread to cover half of her breast she will probably need to have the wound surgically debred at the least. If the wound isn't too deep, they may be able to save her breast but if the infection is bad enough, or is Necrotizing Fasciitis, they will need to amputate it. It is no longer a matter of whether or not this can be treated at home. If you do not act immediately, then the whole family will need to prepare for the worst and you need to make your mother aware of it. I'm not sure why your mother doesn't trust doctors. If it's due to distrust from a past experience, suggest maybe taking her to a female doctor close to her age. She may be uncomfortable with male ones. Also offer to not only take her, but go into the room with her as well. At this point she may need a support system to not only get her there, but see her through it. If it's due to religous reasons, point out that if God didn't want man kind to have penicillan, he would have never allowed for mankind to discover the knowledge. Left untreated wounds of this type WILL LEAD TO SEPSIS. At that point it will go one of two ways, your mother will either slowly begin to become increasingly ill to the point where some days she cannot function until it does lead to her death, or she will go from being fine to passing away in a matter of hours. If she doesn't want to take you seriously when you approach her with this, point out that is how Christopher Reeves passed away. He had a bed sore that became infected, his blood turned septic and that was it. There is no way to predict which way the sepsis will go. It all depends on the person's body cheistry and the type of infection. As to the lump that was in her breast, it may very well have been an infection to begin with, or it could have been a cyst. If a cyst ruptures, and is not properly taken care of, the fluid does often times lead to infection. Your mother may have been afraid of the lump being cancer, but at this point, if it was 5 years ago that she found it and she is not experiencing any other symptoms it is HIGHLY unlikely that it was. It would have already spread to one if not several other areas of her body at this point. The likely hood of it having been a cyst is much higher however, especially if cysts run in you family (they do in mine). You need to take her to somebody in the next few days. If nothing else, take her to the E.R. They will be able to do cultures at least to let you know where to go from there. If she won't go, you need to tell her she needs to put her final affairs in order because an infection that active will not go away without at the very least prescription antibiotics. I hope all goes well. We'll be praying for you.
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    • December 6, 2006
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