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Ongoing health issues and I'm really frustrated.

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  • Posted By: dessertkat
  • July 20, 2010
  • 07:33 PM


I am 38 year old mom of 3 kids. I have had stomach issues for a long time.

Here is my history.

Asthmatic - since early childhood
Hypothyroid - since early teens
Allergies - plants, animals, asa, penicillin and sulpha

As a child I apparently had an issue digesting corn. This came to light again in 1999 during the pregnancy of my son. I have stopped eating corn with the protein attached. It appears that this is life threatening. I have never been formally tested for this. It may be coincidence but I won't tempt fate. I just don't eat it.

Symptoms that started in 1999 and have continually gotten worse.

Chronic violent diarrehea - will have it for a few days then it seems to turn to constipation and then start again. During some of these attacks I actually cannot breath. My chest tightens up, my mouth and lips tingle. I have started carrying around Benadryl to take when I feel this coming on. In 2007 when pregnant for my last child I really thought I would die from this.

Pain in center of sternum or above/behind belly button. It can sometimes be so painful I just lay on the floor for hours. My doc thought I had acid reflux and had put me on prevacid. It doesn't always seem to work.

This last round of diarrhea/pain I also had vomiting. This is a first.

Sometimes with this diarreha/pain I feel hungry. (don't quite understand that one)

Nausea is a constant. I also feel bloated alot.

Periods of intense heat/sweating - I will just all of a sudden feel really hot. I took my temp to see if there was a change. My base temp is 36.6. It will rise to 37.4.

Tongue/Mouth peeling - after these attacks i get a tingly/sensitive mouth. That day or the following day I have all the skin on the cheeks inside my mouth and tongue peel right off. Currently I have had this happen 3 days in a row with my current attack. My mouth is raw and sore as well as a sore throat. I also get cankers and swollen taste buds on occasion. The glands in my neck are tender.

Loss of hair- In march i had circular patches of hair fall out of my head! About 10 different spots all over my head. Its starting to grow back. When I have these attacks though I tend to lose more hair than normal.

Muscle/joint pain - I get sore thighs, lower back and hip joint pain. It sometimes affects the way I walk.

*** New symptoms**

The past two nights in a row I have had swollen feet.
I also feel like there is a band around my ribcage. It feels like I can't draw in a decent breath. My asthma is under control and i'm not wheezing. I do feel winded doing basic things though.

I saw the doctor here about 2 weeks ago. She did a stool sample and put me on flagyl which did not help.

Previous to this I had a colonoscopy and endoscope done. They found a little patch of diverticuli but they said it was nothing to concern ourselves with.

I am frustrated. I have been dealing with this far too long without some type of diagnosis. Well they say IBS but I don't agree. In my research it sounds like Chron's. Something is going on. Sigh.

Thank you all for reading.


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