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OH SWEET MYSTERY... Lymph Node, in need of identification/anatomical advice

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 12, 2007
  • 07:46 PM


About two.5 months ago, I noticed a lump on the left side of my neck measuring about 1cm in diameter.... a month later, it began to rapidly increase in size to about 2cm by 1 cm and a smaller lump of about 1 cm connected to it..... here are my questions, preceded by more specific info, etcetera....

-info about lump, originally, it very palpable, right beneath the skin, but not attached to it, but rather underlying structures... and it was round, smooth and firmish and moved very freely.... NOW is no longer as readily felt, having receded (can only describe that it has gone into hiding and now you have to hunt a little more), has increased in size, changer shape from round to oval, produced a smaller friend and has decreased in mobility... it has always been painless and does not produce heat or skin rash.....

- it is located 2in above my collarbone (using the edge of my trap. muscle as a line of division between front and rear)... it is about an inch on the anterior side of my trap. muscle - in posterior triangle..... it feels as though it's affixed to a small vein.... when I turn my head to the right, stretching my neck muscles, it becomes covered by the surrounding muscles, but does not feel like they are attached to a flex-ing structure and does not smash upon muscular contact.....

-I have been experiencing weight loss (due to appetite) and fatigue, as well as a non-sputum producing cough (dr. says that it is poorly controlled athle. asthma)... full bloodwork (CBC, metabolic panel, strep, mono, lymes, thyroid) have all come back normal with the exception of low overall cholesterol (HDL is at 39).... I had an MRI with contrast 7 months ago for migraines, and it revealed normal anatomy (although I am not sure how far down they went and/or if contrast used would be an appropriate indicator) chest x-rays clear...I am certain the doctors think I am nuts).. these aside....

-I was told by an emergie care physician that is was isolated node swelling, my Internal Medicine Doctor told me that is could just be a tendon cyst.....


- am I correct in my understanding of anatomy that it is most likely a lymph node (he told me that there are no lymph nodes in that region)???

-what are your thoughts about what it is?? (does it jive as a cyst or lymph)

-regardless if it sounds to be a cyst, would it be unreasonable to request an FNA or biopsy.....

-I am requesting hormone blood/serum levels and h-pylori testing at my physical in two weeks, is there anything else--tests or otherwise?

I apologize for my verbocity.... I wish that I could just draw a picture....:)

PLEASE NOTE, this is not a plea for a diagnosis, just a point of investigation.... I am not jumping to cancer conclusions, but moreover frustrated as I ONLY WANT TO BE THOUROUGHLY INVESTIGATED.... I AM NOT WORRIED-- as it would only impair personal advocacy:) Thank you so much for your help.... please let me know if I can provide any additional information that may be helpful.

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  • It sounds like a cyst near your collar bone. Your other symptoms sound similar to mine. I have recently been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Look into it. Be well
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  • I would concur with the cyst, however, last night, another similar bulge-- only longer developed on the right side in the sameish spot... as I have come to understand-- illness induced lymph node swelling usually occurs gradually.... hmmmm..... so sorry to hear about your CFS, thanx for the input
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  • This is nothing to fool around with. Have a surgeon remove it and get a pathology report. Could be a Castleman's tumor; they are asymptomatic and are usually found in or near the lymph structures.
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  • Went to the doctor again-- he was still not concerned-- thought that they were most likely tendon cysts since they feel like they are on them-- alothough, now I am getting two more-- one that is a a little higher on the left (feels a little deeper) and one on the left about an inch up from my collarbone... does anyone still think they are cysts-- what do you think could be causing them? I am not sure... could be losing marbles as they are rolling down my collarbone
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