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Obesity of unknown cause & many other symptoms

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  • Posted By: HappyGoLucky
  • April 9, 2013
  • 11:16 PM

Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. I am a medical professional and totally stumped by my own body.

I had a normal birth and childhood, other than 2 flexor tendon ruptures in my hand at ages 13 and 16. And I have had hypermobile joints my entire life.

I have always eaten very healthfully and exercised. At age 18, I began having widespread muscular and joint pain and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At age 19 I became pregnant. It was a normal pregnancy, I gained a minimal amount of weight (around 10 pounds) over the first 7 months of my pregnancy. Without any change to my diet or activity level, I gained 100 more pounds in the last 3 months of my pregnancy. My doctors simply said, "Stop eating so much, you're not supposed to actually eat for two, etc."

The birth was normal and my child was and still is very healthy. After I gave birth, I began a serious exercise routine and ate a healthy but calorie restricted diet. The weight never came off. The majority of my excess weight is truncal (my torso, especially stomach area). I have skinny and muscular legs, my arms are skinny from the elbow to the fingers. I considered Cushing's, but I have had many rounds of lab workups for Cushing's, and everything always comes back normally.

I have had all my thyroid hormones tested (including thyroid antibodies, T3 uptake and total, total T4, etc.) and my results are always completely normal. I have been to an endocrinologist, who tested everything (IGF-1, Insulin, Growth Hormone, cortisol, estradiol, testosterone free and total, progesterone, etc.) and every single test was normal. I have had a dexamethasone suppression test to completely rule out Cushing's and it was perfect. Despite being 5'4" and 230 pounds, my fasting glucose is 78, my cholesterol is perfect, my HDL is high and my LDL is low. I have had thousands of dollars in lab tests run and every single test comes back perfect. My doctor is always surprised when my labs come back not only normal but super healthy normal. My blood pressure runs around 100/65 and my pulse is in the low 50's. Those are values you would expect from a performance athelete. I have been told by doctor after doctor to "stop eating so much" and even had one say, "lay off the ice cream, fatty."

I have been tracking my food intake and calories daily for three years. I started with 1800 calories a day, and have reduced it systematically over the last three years to 1000 calories or so. I ride my bicycle every day to and from work, I hike, I do DDP yoga, as well as other activities. I eat grain free, with lots of vegetables, low carbs, and drink plenty of water. I don't do drugs recreationally, but I do take Adderall for ADD.

I have a thick head of beautiful hair, clear skin, fast growing & strong nails, etc. I'm just fat. It impedes my social life as many people look down on those who are overweight. I still have quite a bit of musculoskeletal pain, but I just deal with it- no meds for that or anything.

I am thankful that I'm healthy despite being technically obese, but I am very disheartened at my inability to lose weight. My weight is something that bothers me every single day. People look at me and make a lot of assumptions. I don't want this to affect my career, and it certainly has affected my dating life. I hope that someday I will find the answer.

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8 Replies:

  • you could be trisomic for a GNB3 gene as a cause of obesity. You would have to do an cgh array test to find out
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  • Pretty unlikely, as I tend towards quite low blood pressure.Thanks for your reply.
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  • Obesity is so common, never give up. You can control it with courage and consistency. Follow some rules and got positive results. Weight loss is just burning more calories than you eat. Make a good fitness plan that contain proper workout, good diet and some affective supplements.
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  • first i would review your exercise routine and how you are reaching your caloric intake. 6 small meals a day is best, and you need strenuous exercise. i don't know if yoga would qualify, depending on how you are doing it. you need an hour of exercise a day. my routine is 3 days a week of weightlifting (powerlifting usually), run 5-7 miles (depending on the shape of the track, meaning big hills or flat), and biking to work (5 miles each way). on top of that i walk around a lot at work, all day in fact. my routine probably has very different goals than yours, but you get the point. i can eat about 3500 calories a day and maintain my weight due to my routinetry drinking about a gallon water a day. it'll make you feel full more often than not, and it'll keep your system flushed. after you have tried those things, you can look into some new studies about viruses and other causes
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  • Obesity is so common, never give up. You can control it with courage and consistency. Follow some rules and got positive results. Weight loss is just burning more calories than you eat. Make a good fitness plan that contain proper workout, good diet and some affective supplements.
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  • PCOS might be the problem. My daughter went to numerous gynecologists and neurologists, before one doctor actually listened to her. The neurologist ordered tests to confirm the diagnosis and gave her medication. Several doctors made "fat" remarks. Ignore those rude physicians, please. Somewhere there is a doctor that will help you.
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  • The worst thing about obesity is once you gain weight, its very difficult to shed. Reasons may be many. It is one of the main cause of preventable illness we suffer today.
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