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numbness in legs and tingling in chest and

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  • Posted By: skinsman61
  • December 6, 2006
  • 03:36 AM

Male 9-11-61 45 yrs old 5'11 170
I have what is I guess normal however they came on without any trama.
1. I started expieriencing numbness and hot feeling in my left foot then my right with them feeling like pins and needles at times really bad .

2. Recently I have expierenced tingling numbness and pins and needles almost like electricity shooting from both hands up to my front upper chest region it worsens when I lower my neck and move my neck to the left. This Just started two months ago out of the blue

what I have done
I had xrays at a chiropractor and have been gettin adjustments that are not helping the numbness at all

History born 9-11-61 45 yrs old

When I was 10 I fell from a tree and hit a chicken house with the side or my shoulder and neck then landed on a doghouse headfirst then rolled with my back hitting the ground it was about 20 feet 10 to the roof of the chicken house then 10 to the doghouse then about 3 to the ground causing a big scrape on my left neck and knocked out for a couple hours. shouldn't I have had previous problems other than just this to cause my sudden problems tingling and electric condition.

I had a lumbar lumectomy in 1997 for a herniated disc in L5 s1 I think.
that it had not shown any other signs of pain since the surgery would make me wonder if the feet condition is caused by the scar tissue

In any case I would appreciate any input as to should I continue to use chiropractic treatments or should i seek a specialist

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  • I would go to your regular GP and get checked out. He can run tests maybe it's diabetes or maybe it's MS. With all the garbage the government puts in our food who knows what the hells wrong with you. It could be your heart, or maybe your back surgery just got screwed up and the doc's were wanting insurance money and you weren't sick to begin with. Stay away from those chicken pens. I'd go get the brain scanned if I were you.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 7, 2006
    • 00:11 AM
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  • My God. I don't usually call people idiots but I'll make an exception for the previous replier. His conspiratorial theories (goverment approved food additives,botched up back surgeries by averice driven surgeons MS, Diabetes yes possible but not probable.There'a an expression usd in medicine "if you hear hoofbeats behind you, think of a horse not a Zebra". A simple translation---Think of the most likely things first.OK back to those puzzeling symptions#1 Shocks ,tingeling,pins and needles in the hands and arms precipatated or worsened with head movement My best guess if given one choice --Cervical rediculupathy secondary to a ruptured cervical disc#2 leg numbness, pins and needles etc... lumbar rediculopathy. Often times people who have had a laminectomy develope injuries to discs that are above the surgical site in any event go to the nearest pain clinic and or neurologist good luck
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 8, 2006
    • 00:48 AM
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