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Numbness in face

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 7, 2008
  • 08:20 AM

Hi all I am an asian male 30+ y/o. Recently had a sudden pain at the right side of the back of the head where the neck joins the head behind the right ear. Not sure if this might be the cause.

I have stiff neck quite often due to sleep posture and also from using the pc on the bed. I have stopped all these.

For the 1 month or so, i have this slight numb feeling in the scalp area. It is here for 2 weeks, disappeared for 1 and now its back for a week. once a day or so, there would be a tingling sensation in the scalp, the feeling is a little like what you get from eating a sour or citrus fruit. It comes once or so and its gone.

FOr the last few days i have tight feeling below the cheekbone, side of right side of the head above the right ear, to the back right side of the head. My neck is a little stiff. The right eyelid feels heavy but i can move the face, mouth eyebrows evenly. Its like the feeling that the eye feels a little swollen. I have this problem sometimes of rubbing my eye when my fringe hair is at eye level, will sometimes unwittingly rub my eye when asleep and did rub a little the past few days.

For the last few days i had twitching beneath the right eye and 2 days on the lower right lips. The twitching on the lips is gone now and the lips twitch isnt there too. I read that it can be caused by stress, caffiene, staring at the pc too long ( all i am) have quite the wrong posture and cut down on coffee.

I read on the net that it could be stress and this could be as i am relocating to another country very soon with many uncertainties and add to that I have anxiety disorder and not on any medications.

I am reluctant to see a doctor because its very likely that they would say its stress and really dont have a lot of money to do many tests but i do fear it could be something serious.

could it be that the posture isnt right and that i have injured my neck causing the numbness in the right side of the face? All help is appreciated.

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  • HCG,I am having similar symptoms to you. I am a 30 year male in Africa. A week ago I had the same feeling of numbness on the right side of my head - fairly mild, but not comfortable - the kind of feeling you get after being sweaty. It also spread to my right arm and leg, but also fairly mild. My lower lip occasionally twitches.Went to see a doc, who conducted a CT scan, carotid dopler ultra-sound, ECG and blood tests. All looked ok, except my cholesterol that was border-line high. He prescribed lipitor and ascard-75 (junior aspirin). I was also advised to cut down on fatty meat and exercise more, i now gym twice a day and take less of meat and more of fruits.The problem still persists (on an off), like today I have had the feeling all day. I plan to see a neurologist next week, but I hope its not something serious. NB. Am also behind a laptop for at-least 8 hours a day - its the nature of my job, wonder if its related. I can't say am stressed.
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