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no two of us are the same, but

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  • Posted By: harleyronv
  • October 26, 2008
  • 03:43 PM

I'm a 67 year old white male in very good condition for my age. I work a full time job doing reasonably hard physical work. I am a HVAC/R technician that requires me to climb ladders carrying tools and parts, and work on hot roofs (Houston Texas) and on "live machines" meaning they have 460 volts to them. I have been doing this work for 35 years.
Now I have bladder cancer. I had an operation on the 29th of last month, and my first BCG treatment the Friday before last (9 days ago). The results were that I was fine until Saturday morning around Noon and then almost instantly I ran out of energy and got "flu-like" symptoms that lasted until the following Wednesday.
Thursday I felt 100% normal.
Friday, I had treatment number 2. The results were horrible. By 6 pm (4 hours later) I was unable to function. I was in the worse pain of my life. It lasted for about 40 hours.
The bottom line is.... I can't handle it. That's the last treatment I'll have.

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  • I'm sorry I guess I should elaborate. By 6 pm Friday I started feeling bad with flu-like symptoms. Within another two hours I had severe chills, stomach pains, muscle cramps, I could not stand up at all, severe headache, and partial lost of motor skills. For all practical purposes, I was a non-functional human being. I moaned and cried for the next 15 hours. Then I slept for the next 20 hours or so, in 2 and 3 hour segments. Please understand that I am a reasonably tough person. I can stand a high amount of pain. I am a biker and ride my Harley almost daily. But this pain was more then I can stand. I'll take my chances without the BCG. Just my own personal decision. Incidently, if you are working, as I am, they will not authorize you for any time off, except the day of your treatment. You are expected to work the next day. I refuse to kill myself at work because I made a "mistake" and got killed by a machine.
    harleyronv 1 Replies
    • October 26, 2008
    • 04:16 PM
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  • Sorry that all of your hard work has ended you at this point. Have you done any research to connect your type of work with cancer? As soon as you find any documentation, try to have a consultation with a lawyer to discuss your legal options. Now that you have given up on traditional medicine, you must search out other options to restore your health. You cannot do nothing. Take a flight to Little Rock, since you are in Houston you can look for sales online for flights. Then, go to Hot Springs and begin your healing with a good round of healing baths. I'm not sure how your body will respond and you should be prepared to be exhausted after the first bath and ask the bath person to check on you every few minutes (give them a tip before you go in). They also don't need to know why anyone is taking a bath. I would go for ten days, with a daily bath; you can also go hunting for crystals in Mt. Ida which is nearby:http://www.buckstaffbathhouse.com/ Here's a good article:http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/therapeuticbaths.htmAt the end of the article, they suggest transcendental meditation (TM), which sounds like another part of your plan. more info:http://www.thermaltherapy.org/hyperthermia.htmlThis doctor is in Houston:http://www.thermaltherapy.org/robinson.htmlJoan M.C. Bull, MDProfessor, Division of OncologyUniversity of Texas Medical SchoolHouston, Texas You would need extensive acupuncture, if you want to add that to your treatment. Some of them may not treat you if they know you have cancer. You would need two treatments weekly for several months. You can probably find one from China in Houston who has trained with a real master. Do your homework before giving them half of your income for treatments. They should also put you on some Chinese herbs that you will need to simmer and try to drink. It will taste a little like vomit, but it's suppose to help. Next, you can go to a homeopathic doctor, again, very expensive. They will begin a treatment for you. I like the fact that there is a doctor there in Houston who has extensive background in heat therapy aimed at cancer cells. You might want to try to get into see her. Keep us updated.
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • October 26, 2008
    • 07:22 PM
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