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*need urgent help picking a new birth control pill brand:please read+respond! --j.c.*

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 27, 2011
  • 01:23 PM


I am 2 days away from needing to pick up a new pack of birth control pills for the upcoming month. I am 22 years old, and had never before taken birth control until I believe it was the month of april 2010 (aka last year).

Further, I began to take my first ever set of b.c. using the brand “Loestrin”. It worked OK, not wonderfully, but somewhat normally seeing as I only had my period once a month- though the week it came varied in days it lasted, ranging from 4 to 8 days. I forgot to take my daily b.c. pill 2 days in a row one time, and so as instructed I took the missed pills both the following day. I was aware that sudden bleeding aka a new period would begin the next day since I messed up the cycle by missing the 2 days of birth control pills. However, instead of the usual 2 week unfortunate period everyone warned me I would get in consequence of my mistake, I got my period for a month and a half. I then decided okay this birth control brand is just not going to work out - I couldn’t handle bleeding and having the symptoms and wearing pads and tampons that long!

So, I checked out the birth control brand “LoSeasonique” which sounded great b/c it said I would only get my period every 3 or 4 months instead of once a mth! for the past 6 months, 2 separate packs = 3months worth of birth control pills per set) and prior to those 6 months was my first ever tried birth control pack of the brand Loestrin b.c. pills. Those were one month packs and I believe I only took those for 2 months.

The issue I have had with both pills, more loseasonique however, is consistant bleeding. I have had my period for a month and a half now and since I have been taking birth control this kind of situation has become terribly “normal” and quite routine in fact. I have had my period on and off but more ON then ever in my life! One time I had it for TWO MONTHS practically straight through. I am not sure if this is just b/c my body does not chemically balance these two pill brands correctly, seeing as every woman’s body reacts differently to different pills. However, I need a quick fix with a pill that will actually work, I just have no idea where to start and not to be rude but neither does my OBGYN. She is wonderful, but she basically said I have nothing to go on in terms of picking out a new brand besides doing trial and error with different brands every month or few months.. that can not be a fun way to handle this.

I just can’t do this crazy regulation of my period anymore, i’m too young to feel this ****ty all the time, and honestly I wouldn’t blame my boyfriend for resenting me after all we started dating when I began the birth control for my first time, so he has been with me step by step through all the constant craziness of my period being around more often than not! I bleed alot too, and I can’t come to terms with how this is healthy for my body. Can anybody suggest something that might help me? Would anyone reccomend me going off birth control all together? I originally started using it to decrease period symptoms, I believe I had what they call PADD- every symptom affected every part of my life.

It’s true, the b.c. pill has helped tremendously with my emotions and irritability, cramping- not so much bloating. Both pill brands have caused me to grow somewhat solemn and not depressed but something of that nature, and also I have gained about 10-15 pounds throughout the 10 or so months I have been using birth control-- THAT is such an issue.. one that I definitely don’t want as a side effect.

Can anyone please help? Email me if so! I am open to any kind of info one might be able to offer me, or advise. My email address is: callahan_julia@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Julia G. Callahan

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