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need help can't seem to get answer

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  • Posted By: morsetj
  • May 21, 2008
  • 04:51 PM

Ok symptoms really started when I was about 28 the first thing that happened was a severe vertigo or a passing out feeling while driving my car. had ekg which was fine. I then experienced sever headaches this went on for about a year. I was put on migrane meds and they went away. I no longer have them maybe once and while but i am aware how to manage them.

I experienced them again while I was pregnant really bad and heart burn the usual while pregant. At this time I started having floaters and seeing sparkly things like stars once in awhile. I still have floaters and stars once in awhile.

Three years ago I started having pain in my shoulders joints achy pain. I then started having problems with my left leg. Cold hand and feet. Alsways feel cold.

I am not fatigue but exhausted to the point I could sleep all day and night. I have this thing happen to me right before I start to fall asleep it is like an electrical shock in my system that makes me wake up and my heart races seem as if it is coming from my heart or something and it goes up to my head it is so weird and it does not happen every night.

I had a sleep study which showed up nothing but a racing heart but no apnea.

I then went to see my primary because I was gaining 5-6 pounds a week. She sent me to an endocrine and he did a cortiosal test to rule out cushings. He said that I have PCOS. I went back home and the symptoms don't fit. He put me on metformin which has helped with the weight gain. It actually has stopped it all together, however, my feet and hands started to swell up and the pointer finger middle joint in my right hand hurts so bad. Primary sent me to Rheum dr. she just ran a bunch of test and everything looks fine there as well. thyroid is on the low side but in the range, no tick borne, no streptozyme, nothing comes back.

I went off my metformin becuase I thoughy I was having a reaction and I gained back the 11 pounds that I have lost. I did not know that you could gain 11 pounds in 8 days. Crazy. I went back on the metformin and to my suprise the weight is coming off again. so it is a definte sugar or insulin problem but not PCOS it does not fit.

Anyone with any suggestions would be a insight as I am sooooo frustrated and my primary thinks that I am crazy you can just tell. I am to the point were I am frustrated with her as well because I can not get an answer.

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