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need advice im sufffering bizzare symptoms

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 16, 2009
  • 05:45 AM

it all started when i was 19 which i am now 52 and i just had my son and i began getting a feeling of choking and i had no voice for 3 years and my neck and chest all around my back of my neck looked and felt like a sunburn for years also which still comes and goes then i began swelling in my stomach and got a terrible metallic taste and tingling eyes then after about 6 months so many more things added to the list i twitched all over and just eating can trigger the metallic taste or if i get constipation it all gets worse eating can trigger the virtigo and heart arrythmia's with bpm at up to 270 just from taking a bite of food then i get very hyper or very weak in minutes to the point i cant walk or i cant stop moving from eating or even a drink of water can trigger the metallic taste and other symptoms at times or position if i lay down i get confused but to sit up i get better and i get this horrible sleep problem if i eat sometimes and it so bad i cant stay awake sometimes for weeks at a time its like if u were given a drug to sleep and u cant keep urself awake and sometimes its a little better after a few hours but then if i eat again even a few bites it comes back. sometimes my urine smells like burning rubber and im itching all over and having trouble breathing and usually im having the metallic taste and feeling like a sense of doom alot of times with all of this i have rashes and strange vision disturbances and heart sensations but i feel it is metabolic possibly genetic metabolic?? the metallic taste is horrible and when i get it my breath is so bad and if my saliva touches my lip or skin it burns very bad and some things are a pattern but not always it gets so bad i feel at times how i will live any longer it causes me to have depression at times when its so bad and i can even take a bite of food or drink and start shaking sooo bad and sweat prufusely. i havent had tests in a while as i dont have insurance and they wont take me anywhere with oiut paying the full balance for tests but i have in the past had many tests i will join my husband in egypt soon instead of living here since they dont seem to find anything hoping we can go a different route and start all over with doctors there plzzzz if someone can help plz let me know as i cant take medicine OF ANY TYPE!! as it triggers the problems worse so i suffer for 33 years now and take nothing unless I ABSOLTELY HAVE TO then i have to decide which is worse the problem or the affects of the medicine plz this has controlled my life for many years and there is more symptoms also just if anyone is interested plz ill explain more if needed and thank-u all for ur time there are some wonderful people on here that are either suffereing or trying to help i wish u all as myself a answer one day!!

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