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Mystery conditions and I feel like Im going to lose my mind!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 26, 2012
  • 11:32 AM

Hi there,

I am new to this site and feel I need to share my situation and pray that someone out there has an answer for me. Firstly I am a 36 year old male who is very healthy by nature but for the past 5 weeks or so have suddenly been wracked with strange symptoms that are altering my daily life.

Up until a month ago I went to gym 6 days a week and mostly did weights training. Well built and did not use steroids! Every now and then whilst doing standing ezee bar bicep curls I felt like a popping feeling in the muscles? under the left side of my ribs that I thought might be a slight hernia or something but ignored it as it wasnt serious or causing major discomfort.

About 12 weeks back I was in a meeting with my sales reps and I suddenly felt what I would describe to be a slight sudden pinch or grabbing over what I thought was my heart. First thing I thought was heart attack! Anyhow I sat down and 20 minutes later it happened again and then I got a hot flushing feeling flow through my body which totally freaked me out. I took myself to the ER and was put on an ECG Unit that said all was fine. Also they tested the 3 Heart enzymes and mentioned that 2 were elevated but the one that measures an actual heart trauma or attack was normal. Blood pressure normal.

They said I was fine and should watch my stress and anxiety levels.

I went back to normal daily life but when going back to gym I wasnt feeling up to it properly. Would go for 2 days then feel terrible and feel spaced out and dizzy.

I went to my GP and told him of what was going on. At this stage (About 3 weeks ago now and zero gym) My symtoms had increased to waking at night with a sudden hot flushing feeling , then terrible muscular tremors for an hour or so and being dizzy and literally petrified! So sleeping has become a nightmare now. I am steadily losing weight too but could it be due to not gymming anymore? My bowel movements have changed completely to almost no motion and even flatulence is suddenly non existant! My appetite is also almost non existant. When I do eat but immediately in the chewing action I become dizzy?? I have never experienced this combination of symptoms before in my life!

Dr then gave me AZOR (0.25mg x2 a day) and said to calm down, that its just anxiety. I have a spaced out feeling in my head almost constantly with or without AZOR, and can not sleep properly due to being uncomfortable,and a strange sort of sinus pressure at my temples constantly. I started developing a deep uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach a week ago and have since been given NEXIUM for that after a gastroscopy revealed a 2cm hiatal hernia and they say it is acid reflux!

I am not convinced at all! I cant lie on my left side or right side as there is like a discomfort in the area under my left rib cage which I keep thinking is a hernia that they have missed? But what is causing the Spaced out , pressure like feeling in my head?

I think you can all agree with all the unknowns here I am really confused and tired of feeling like I do.In itself its causing Anxiety.

If anyone has any idea or experienced this bundle of symptoms and knows what it may be please let me know

Thanks for reading my post

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