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My painful, mis-diagnosed, Gallbladder story...

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 24, 2008
  • 10:55 PM

A couple months after giving birth to my daughter is when the pain started, very subtly. I was 23 and thought of myself as healthy, though now almost 70 lbs. overweight after having my first child. I awoke a few times in the early morning to my chest feeling very heavy and somewhat sore, as if someone or thing had been pushing on my chest or like I had laid on my chest all night. I usually just fell back asleep and ignored it and when I awoke, it was always gone. Then one morning, the same thing, but it got worse and within 10 minutes, i found myself outside at 4 in the morning, trying to get some air and hoping I could catch my breath. It felt like i couldnt breathe, like I had a huge weight on my chest. Then I started to panic and that made it worse, I thought I was having a heart attack or something, I just couldnt breathe. An ambulance was called, and less then 10 minutes later when it arrived, my symptoms disappeared and I felt just fine. These "attacks" happened very sporadically over the next few months. Mostly at night, but sometimes during the day, but always unexpected. It happened one morning after a cup of coffee, I sat down to feed my infant daughter her milk, and the attack came on so quick and hard, that I had to lay my daughter down in her crib, screaming, and leave the room and try and collect myself and get the pain to subside. That one was bad, it lasted almost an hour and my poor daughter cried helplessly and hungry and there wasnt anything I could do, I didnt think I was going to get through it. By that time, I had gone to a couple different doctors, the first one told me I would need an ultrasound and more tests to determine what it was, but gave me a whole list of things it could possibly be - she suggested that I wait until it happened again and then get an ultrasound, which at time, I couldnt afford, so I didnt bother. Then, another doctor simply told me I had acid reflux (which I did have) and that the attacks I were having were anxiety attacks and he put me on Paxil. I didnt have an attack for almost 8 months after that, so i figured that is what it was - anxiety attacks. So, after the 8 months of feeling fine, it happened again. I breathed through it thinking it was an anxiety attack, and I did get through it, as painful as it was. Finally, in June 2007, I started getting an attack early in the day and it went on until almost 10pm that night when I decided enough was enough and went to the ER where they dosed me up with extra strenght Maalox and told me to come back the following monday for an ultrasound - and suprise, I didnt have the money, so i didnt go back. I had been out of my acid reflux meds and Paxil, so i just let it go and thought I just needed to take them. Then, after a couple more very painful attacks, I found a new doctor who demanded I get the ultrasound - and it came back showing major gallstones, with many that were way too big to pass. So, less than a month later I was in surgery, and had that ornery gallbladder of mine removed. That was about 3 months ago and I feel almost %100 better without the stupid thing. My gallbladderlessness has had almost no negative effect on me as it has some people. I am ashamed that I waited so long to take care of it. To think I went through all that pain because my doctor at the time convinced me i was having anxiety attacks! Needless to say I stopped taking the Paxil and feel better now. BUT, now my hip has been hurting me for about 2 months, so the journey begins again...wish me luck.....

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