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My never ending misdiagnosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 22, 2011
  • 04:55 AM

In October I was informed that I had been exposed to Trichomoniasis, so I went down to my hospital and went in for testing the tests came back negative they still prescribed me the medications for that virus. One week later I was not feeling right so I went in for a HIV1-2 test and a syphillis test. Those tests came back negative as well. The pain in my head and the stiff neck never went away I was in so much pain I was, and still am afraid to go to sleep for fear of not waking up. I begged my doctors to test my blood for bacteria, and a CT scan to get to the bottom of my pain, yet they seemed to sure that oh its a sinus infection when i did not have any symptoms of a sinus infection nor have i ever had a sinus infection. They ignored me begging for those tests. I went on vacation to NY for a week i came home I was feeling more likely to die so i went in and begged again this time they scheduled me a CT exam and prescribed me some more anti-biotics. when I took these anti-biotic's the pain went away it was high dosage twice a day Amoxicilin and when i told my doctors that they said oh its a sinus infection anti-biotics dont help them so i begged again to be tested for Lymes Disease and Meningitis they once again ignored me. So they prescribed me another anti-biotic Tetracycline to kill another sinus infection that did not exist. i went back saturday this weekend begging to be tested for Lymes disease and Meningitis once again, and i was ignored and prescribed Doxycycline. This whole time they have ignored my high blood pressure, and my low grade fever as nothing even though it has been going on since october. Tomorrow morning I am going to begg for once again to be tested for Lymes Disease and Meningitis wish me luck since the hospital doctors appear to be so unwilling to look at the symptoms and diagnose that way. I am afraid when they finally test me for it they will claim its too late to help me, and deny me the treatment required to kill it since i appear to still be healthy and i am sure i could weather a few months in a hospital bed on an IV as long as they would just do the required tests to cure me. My name is if I die due to their negligence here is more proof of their inability to look at the symptoms and diagnose my illness

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