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My medical nightmare

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 19, 2011
  • 04:06 PM

Hi All, I am a 58 yr old male who up until approx ten years ago was a workaholic,never had any time off and was a senior Director of a large firm.The only problem I had medically was pain in my knees.
After having two arthroscopies it was decided that I go into hospital (private) in the northwest of the uk for a routine op "patella decrompression" and would be in overnight.
During the operation I was allowed to fall from the operating table onto my head.At which point they decided that my vital signs were ok and proceeded to complete the procedure.
The first I knew of anything wrong was when I eventually came round I seemed to be getting a lot of attention,at the same time I was aware of a really bad headache and lump on the rightside of my head.Everything was really strange and all I can remember was someone asking if I was alright as there had been a bit of a mishap.The next thing I remember was my wife coming to visit that evening and asking what were all the grazes on my neck and shoulder and why was the room in darkness.
I remember saying that the light made my headache much worse and I don't remember much else until the next day when people kept saying how sorry they were about what happened.I was quickly and quitely discharged to basically get on with it.
I was referred to a specialist who diagnosed me with bleeding in the brain,enlarged optic vein to one eye.He then went on to tell my wife that I was suffering from post concussional syndrome and the reason I took a long time to come round following the op was that although I had been aneathatised and I would have also been unconscious as well.
I then started having memory problems and violent headaches and would start crying for no apparent reason.I would say things opposite of what i meant to say and had several mental blocks.
After some three months I felt I had to try and go back to work,it was a big mistake I cuold not function facts and figures which I needed to cope with my role were like reading
a foreign language and it was all to plain to see.Within 18months I had lost the job I had been in for almost 15 years.
The stress of all this was starting to have an effect and although I did eventually manage to gain employment I was never the same person that i had been prior to head injury.
Trying to maintain a facade of being OK and coping well began to take its toll,I was losing blood internally and spent several days in hospital being investigated and found I had two Ulcers one which was bleeding and assumed that this was the cause.
Things then took a much worse turn when I collapsed at work with a suspected heart attack and was rushed into hospital.After several days in hospital an angiogram revealed that I had in fact had a burst blood clot which had caused a heart spasm.
The specialist conclude that it had all been brought on by the stress of what had happended to me.Needless to say the end of my employment was a culmonation of all the things added together.
Then whilst on holiday in spain I was rushed into hospital again this time I was diagnosed with internal bleeding,Diabetes and Atrial fibrillation and was in hospital for 8 days having a blood transfusion and all sorts of tests and scans to find the problems.
On my return to the UK I started the rounds of appointments for the different mediacl specialists.Since that time I have had 7 colonoscopies,2 haemorriod ops,the removal of pre-cancerous growths from my colon,! cardio-version,2 cardiac ablations,I have severe Osteoarthritis,sleep aeopnia and have just been diagnosed with Parkisonism.
So you see there is always someone worse off than yourself,I have to tell myself that or else I would probably end up shooting myself.

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