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my little story

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  • Posted By: labjar04
  • February 14, 2007
  • 09:57 AM

i was diagnosed with Severe Depression when i was about 11. fast forward to what should be my tranquil college years, and i'm not in school... instead i'm home with my parents. i was Re-diagnosed in August of 2006 as being Bipolar,turns out i've been bipolar the entire time just no one could catch it because of my high intelagence or so they say...the bipolar is the cause of my insomnia that's why i'm up at 4:30am writing this. however, life has never been a fun trip for me. even the beginning, my mother had severe Toximia when she was pregnant with me. I've been told i looked like a premature baby, with hair on my body and no eye lashes, though i was on time and weighed a healthy 6 lbs and something. i was bullied and harrassed in school which along with genetics and depression caused me to be obese. i tried to commit suicide in 8th grade. Genetics also have tossed in a lactose intolerance,IBS,and two autoimmune disorders,asthma and allergies. i've also been the misfortune of having osteoarthritis my entire life...and i'm only 22. the icing on the cake...severe chest pain don't know what's causing that yet but i hav an apointment to see a peds. cardiologist in march in the upper part of my state (WVU) this is my life as of now...i live with it. the pain and depression have always been the worst and will proably be there for the rest of my life.whether the pain causes the depression or the depression causes the pain...no one knows, all i know is i don't remember what it feels like to be pain free.

thank you for reading this...but don't be sad, i just want you to understand that not all of life's little annoances have answers.

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  • You said you had "IBS" allergies, lactose intolerence, and auto-immune disorders. What allergies ?Which auto-immune disorders ? What is your racial background ? (95% of lactose intolerence cases in caucasians is a temporary condition caused by a different food intolerence) What is your family medical history like ? IBS, depression, cancer, autism-spectrum, skin disorders? Maybe the doctors have given up with answers but there could be a single trigger that causes all of this, and it could be as simple as something you eat. I think it is truly the pain that causes the depression. Pain is our bodys' cry that they need help and depression is the mind's response when the professionals cannot help fix that pain - Especially when they cannot find the source and they start telling us it's all in our head - blaming the patient for their own failures as doctors.. So, I would just like you to know that people who live their whole lives in pain DO sometimes find answers and get to experience what pain-free life is like! Don't give up, and don't fall into the trap that a pill can make you happy. Your body sounds like it is under toxic stress and you should be reminded of that every day until you figure out what is causing that. Toxic prescriptions will not help your liver and it sounds extremely stressed as it is.
    Azaral 152 Replies
    • February 14, 2007
    • 03:21 PM
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