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my kidneys and bladder help

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  • Posted By: sodomojo44
  • October 18, 2009
  • 09:42 PM

for the past 10 yrs Ive had kidney pain off and on. Not ever bad enough to be considered stones. I had a third ovarie sitting right on and crushing my urethra tube. I am aware that my bladder does not completly empty. I had all kinds of test done nothing, but Iam wondering if Im not being tested at the time the current symptoms I have that, that is why nothing shows up. Current sypmtoms are, Oh Im 44 yrs female, feet ankels swelling and rarely all over swelling. Skin sometimes seems yellowish, not eyes. bladder spasms, ureter spasms maybe caused by my past superficial bladder cancer and fibroids in the uterus. bp is 128 0ver 80 and that is a little high for me. Having trouble when speaking remebering what im talking about. Been sleepless then not, usually if I get woke up I cant fall back to sleep. No noturia but have both kinds of incontinece. Sometimes really hungary sometimes not. Iron deficient aneimia. Right now still having fairly normal periods but sometimes heavy on second day and they are still regular, have had heavy periods in past sometimes for 45 days I think I was just aneimic at the time. I had been losing blood in my urine and stool for over a year or so. Had a colonoscopy, removed one palup. Had exploritory abdominal laporscopic surg. Thats when they removed a thing that looked like a dup intertine that was just below my left kidney preperitnium and had the third ovarie out, yes still have two. Anyway I am still anemic and yes I think I need to have another colo thing done. Just had the look in the bladder and nothing in there but something pressing from outside. I was told needed to see the woman doc, but they arent real concerned about it and I belive that my uterous is still enlarged. I had a recent pap no cancer. So on with the current status. The swelling, Spasms bladder and urethra or and kidney too, couldnt tell., pain and then itching just in the kidney area right side and the left spasm. NO history of bladder infections. Kidney pain not bad enough to be a kidney stone and I have seen alot of that in other people. Then every once in a while my skin will look yellowish, periods of vomiting for sometimes 10 days or more. Recently have only vomited when starting my period. Urine will look dark all of a sudden although I really do drink 40 to 60 ounces of water a day. I'll look and think WHAT AM I NOT DRINKING ENOUGH!!! Oh and for about three days around my period I was a little out of breath or hard to breath then it cleared up. My back went out too and twice when urinating it hurt only my back and was a little achey. Periods over, the back is getting better as I thought maybe it would. So I think that is about it> My most recent urine test was clean My doctor is not concerned really.I really thin it comes down to quality of life though. Im always not feeling well if its not one thing its another. Either we arent looking at the picture like house would and are just missing stuff or is there just a better time to test for stuff that may be wrong? Help I really want to feel like doing things again. Thankyou

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