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multisystemic symptoms

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 29, 2010
  • 08:23 AM

A little background first: 26 year old female. Personal medical history: bulging L4,5, degenerative disease (lumbar), spondylolsthesis, retrosthesis, fractures in sacrum, sciatica. 1 natural childbirth, chronic rhinitis, urethral dilation/calibration due to history of chronic bladder infections, severe allergies, bipolar I disorder, nonsmoker, no drugs or alcohol, caffeine user.
Current symptoms: Digestive system: severe abdominal cramps, bloating, diarrhea. Diarrhea triggered especially by beef, potato, or egg (including noodle, mayo, etc.). If I avoid those foods, I still get diarrhea at leat 2 days a week, at 3 -4 times a day. Result is fatigue. Vitamin D deficiency is diagnosed. Nervous system: short-live, very severe headaches. These things come and go within a few minutes or even seconds, but are so severe I completely shut down. Facial numbness which seems to be the result of eye strain as a result of light/dark contrast.For example, If I am playing the DS in the dark, have the lights of watching tv, nightdriving, my face will get a strange sensation around eyes, most severe at the top of the cheek and falling down to jawline. Its best described as a deadening, such as from lidocaine. The strangest occurence is of me sitting in a dark room with only a lamp on, the side of my face where the lamp is on will be the side to go numb; this can be replicated. No pain, just VERY irritating. Not correlated with headaches, clean MRI. Extreme forgetfulness, usually in completing tasks or accessing a particular word. Integumentary system: diagnosed folliculitis, small mildy itchy bumps - very ugly. Couple of black/purple ruptured irritations on inside of leg diagnosed as folliculitis as well (staph type infection in follicle). Maybe the skin numbness fits here?
Meds: Vit D 5000IU, Vit B12 500IU, Lithium 900mg, Xyzal, Hyomax SR, allergy shots weekly
My questions evolve around the digestive and neurological symptoms. The gastroenerologist I saw did a colonoscopy and because there were no problems found, he diagnosed me with IBS, gave me a Rx, and told me to follow up with my PCP. After talking about it with my PCP and researching it, I feel that my symptoms are more severe than IBS. This is real pain. Approx 15 minutes before BM, I have a sharp stabbing pain in lower right quadrant. During diarreah, my stomach muscles contract violently, and often BM is color of bile. This happens when I eat anything containing eggs, potatoes, or beef. Even if I don't eat those foods, I get diarreah though, just not as severe. The facial numbness is totally stumping, I've seen one of the best neurologists in town, and he couldn't figure it out, told me to come back if started causing pain - but it is so irritating I can't sleep. Does anyone have any advice. Are these two occurences connected or possibly caused by the same thing?

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