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multiple symtoms

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 6, 2007
  • 08:43 AM

I have had scalp itch around the back of my head with scabs that are well formed before ever scratched to be developed, it's been over 12yrs and have no releif in sight have found avoiding shampoos with ahlchol in them helps some have tried all over the counter tar to zinc to herb shampoos and none of them work they aggravate it worse and been to a dermatologist several times all they do is write out a prescription, which kinda helps when using, except there seems to be no cure at least with these dermatolagist, I'd like to have pretty hair again with out some oily chemical in it, also unsure if this is related when sleeping at night I sometimes wake up with this tingly feet and scalp plus private area, it really is uncomfortable, I usally get out of bed and walk around trying to see if it might be a pinched nerve or something that started 7yrs ago when pregnant and has never gone away it happens about 2 times a yr also another strange thing is, recently I'm experiencing sharp shocking pain on my right side of abdomin that has shooting pain across to my left like through the back side, I have headaches on the back of my head I thought was from my pillow which is a latex pillow, can't say that's whats causing it, any help ideas out there appreciated...Thank you

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  • Please don't think me rude but I have a suggestion. Lice. Either common headlice which love to concentrate at the back of the head near the neck as it is the warmest spot for them to lay and hatch thier eggs. Especially if you sleep on your back. If you sleep on your side you might have once side that symptoms are worse. The symptoms in the pubic region is what tipped me off. EIther head lice that became so bad the travelled to the groin or pubic lice that have swarmed into your head. Pubic lice are far harder to spot thus making them harder to diagnose. I had an arguement with an ex on time and forced him to try the shampoo. When found that he had been so infested that the pubic lice had already made thier way into his arm pits and hair on his head. If you think a Dr would automatically know, then don't. They miss simple things like this all of the time. I had skin mites known as scabies for 5 months with my OB/GYN having no clue. It was only later that a friend who had visited my home mentioned several months later that one of her daughters had scabies while they were there. Scabies on pets make water-filled puss bumps that break open and scab. They are transferable to humans through touch and could cause hair loss, intense burning/itching, scabs, ect.I hope this helps.PS body lice are more active at night thus the symptoms are worse added to the fact that when you are trying to fall asleep you are more aware due to a lack of distractions.
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