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multiple symptoms desperate for help

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  • Posted By: marnluc
  • February 24, 2009
  • 07:47 PM

starting 15 years ago I had a c-section after the pregnancy I had major hair loss,weight gain and fatigue,then had another child v-delivery after 45 hrs of labor, again weight gain,hair loss, easy bruising,fatigue. went to E.R for sudden bruises on my legs unexplained, have had multiple bladder infections that recur almost monthly. Had 3 back surgeries within 1 year final one failing after 6 months of bedrest i just got up and started walking daily to build muscles back up. Was extremely heat sensitive started sweating all the time and very thirsty-this was never the case before, I had been failry hairless and sweating was no very common for me even in extreme heat nor was thirst. After eating sugary foods I have to go to the bathroom for 1-2 days and ver watery,then back to regular stools,alternate between craving sugar,salt and chicken.I have always had thin hair now it it thicker and slightly wavy,cant keep my eyebrows plucked clean for more then a day, finger nails and hair grow extremely fast, skin is thinner and extremely dry all the time and I itch at night on my arms and legs, my face swells if I drink a lot of fluids even water over 2-3 cups a day, not sleeping at night every 2-3 hours i wake up, feel cold then hot off and on during day and night, sometimes i sweat really bad at night, sweat changes smell occassionally to really sweet,salty eyebrows if i am outside and hot, headaches, weight gain is fast and extreme if I dont take appetite suppresants(phentermne)I can maintaine my weigth at around 120-125 on the phen-no problem. I have stopped taking it because I know its not a good thing to take long term. I had 3 spinal injections for a fracture and several herniated discks in the lower back as the result of an accident-right after I started putting on weight rapidly with no reason or change in diet, legs swell and cramp constantly, my legs get a weird red spider vein look when I stand or sit for any length of time,almost no muscle mass is present in them any more a Phys Therapist stated I had signifigantly weak legs and no muscle tone,extreme anemia(8.2), and a swelling like a buffalo hump/fat swelling on the back of my neck (yes I was researching the internet...) however not all the symptoms fit cushings I dont have a super round face but it has goten a bit wider and the change is obvious in pictures from years back to now. I am frustrated about all of this mainly the weight gain and fatigue,depression now I weigh 155lbs from 109 a year ago(2/08) then 120 in summertime with no signifigant change in diet or activity. someone please help me I feel so sad and dont even know what to say to the dr's now I cry for no reason,am irritable,anxious and get tired easily- this is not me and I dont like this feeling. I know this is long and many issues but I need to fix this I must know what this is or if its not all connected or if it is in my head. Please someone advise....

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  • You're symptoms don't fit exactly but do some research on: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Dercums Disease. I hope you find the answersxxxSamantha http://www.undiagnosedillness.org
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    • February 26, 2009
    • 00:32 AM
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