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MS???(Multiple Sclerosis)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 20, 2011
  • 09:48 AM

Hi I am 35 yrs female having health concerns, and seem to keep going in medical circles. Any suggestions, advice, really anything would be appreciated. Here is symptoms and history - I'll try and keep it brief, but as much info as possible ; ).
I do have a history of passing out when I get overheated and that is what happened last May which ended up starting my crazy journey; May, June, and July last year I passed out once each month all when I got over heated, also during this time off and on my left eye and right shoulder would twitch, skipped August and started again in September - but this time my left arm went numb and had chest pain. Went to ER and docs just said heat exhaustion. Anyways over the past several months I have passed out at least once a month, and new symptoms that have progressively gotten either worse or more intense. Now all my symptoms are: fast heart beat, chest pain (feels like someone is grabbing an area and making a fist), headaches ( go away with meds), an ache in mid back and under shoulder blades, times I feel like I am wearing a tight shirt that is 5 times to small, frequent heart burn, short term memory loss, zoning out, times I feel like I am being choked, major fatigue, muscle weakness, muscles tingling and they feel like they are shrinking, moodiness/irritable, dizzy, lightheadedness, blurry/double vision ( right eye), and over the past month I have seen red spots 4 times, I see like little black squilligles, when I close my eyes for several seconds it's like a strobe light is on, I have also seen showdows on the side of my vision thought someone was there looked and nothing there. My skin is tingly and I have lost feeling (like I had shots of numbing med) pretty much constant, there are times it is head to toe, but mainly my right side of face and upper arms and lower legs muscle twitching that is mainly in lower legs. Right below rib cage all the way around like a belt it tingles/numb. Several areas feel like icey hot has been rubbed on my skin. I had the same thing going on in 2006-2007 but much much milder and only when I got over heated. Use to get like this ONLY when I got overheated, now it's all the time and worse when it's really cold, hot, strenuous activity, and now mid mornings are getting bad. My normal body temp use to be 97.1 - 97.3 now it's 98.6 - 99.9; also use to get a cold sore once maybe twice a year - now, every 4 - 6 weeks. I have TONS of testing done - several ER visits, cardio, neuro, internal med - I have had blood work, heart monitors, stress test, echo, MRI's, CT scans, tilt table test - everything is normal; neuro says I do have loss of sensation but MRI's are normal so he don't know - he did diagnose me with complex migrianes. I also have been diagnosed with Neurocardiogentic scynope, TIA, possible COPD and really don't remember what all else. I have even gone see a psychiatrist to see if it might be mental, cuz hey I'm at the point I can accept that at least it's SOMETHING - she is the one that said possible MS....
Sorry so long just any ideas would be appreciated cuz I'm so frustrated and confused - and really trying to see if it would be worth the expense fighting for a referral for second opinion?

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