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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 6, 2007
  • 09:33 PM

I have had 2 recent "attacks" of rapid flushing in the face preceded by a stiff neck and pain in the back of the head. This quickly changes to a dizziness/ fainting and I turn a pale colour and sweat perfusely from my face. It is like a constriction of my neck.
I have been in hospital and they said it was 2 attacks of hyperventilation.
They did'nt rule out some kind of migraine , which they gave me ISOPTIN SR 240 mg.
MY own G.P ( before I went to hospital ) said his bet was on Basilar Migraine. He said not to take migraine tablets if it was as this would not be the answer.
I am totally confused. The first 2 "attacks" happened within 6 days of each other...but nothing has happened now in 3 weeks. I still get these cloudy headaches and even though I got a complete clean bill of health from the hospital ( incl., an angiogram)...I am nervous about it happening again. Anyone help??

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  • Please go to the "I cannot get a diagnosis forum" Please read"The truth about CFS/ME" "CFS/ME/Morgellon's/Alzheimers "Want answers, read here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The facial flushing was one of my first and most severe symptoms too.I'm sorry that you had to endure any of it...even for a few minutes...I know how awful it is. Hope you are well...mommy cat
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  • I had something like that when I came back from Mexico. "They" said it was in my head. I think I picked up a parasite from shrimp--the stiff neck thing...ouch...not just like needing to see a chiropractor thing, either. I don't think you should discount this as a migrane and I'm not sure if you are going to get an answer. Eventually, my kidneys were impaired and I was in the hospital and they did not relate that to my parasite, but eventually I went to my naturapath who put me on her tapeworm/parasite program and my kidneys have been fine for decades. You could consider poisons, toxin, carbon monoxide (car exhaust and house), legionaire's type thing from air conditioners...Then I had a stiff neck another time and that went into enchephalitis, so be careful...again, I had come back from San Diego where I was on a small ranch out in a walnut grove and around horses. It could have been Western equine encephalitis virus. I think something bit me..so you have the mosquito West Nile thing going around now, too...
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