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Migraine Headaches and Marijauna

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 30, 2008
  • 05:37 PM

ive had severe migraine headaches for the past 5 years and im 18 years old, i would get them so bad i would have to go to the hospital for days. eventually i got sick and tired of taking pills and imatrex which gave little relief. sometimes i would be at the point where i would just yell because of the pain. Ok now, 2 years ago i began smoking marijuana on a regular basis, now to the point that i smoke 2-3 times a day, and for the past 2 years i havent had one migraine except for the time when i took a month break from smoking marijuana, is it true that marijuana is the cure to my migraines?

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  • I have been suffering from migraines for some time now.I have been on Imitrex,topamax and fericet..Nothing seems to relieve the pounding pain and nausea.I will go for day's laying in a dark cold room just to avoid sound smell and motion.At the end of y witt's and thinking about suicide because the pain is just to unbearable I was told to try to smoke a marijuanna joint.I do not believe in drug use at all.I dont even drink beer..Well one week after i felt the migraine coming I called the friend who recomended his to me.I cried to her ove rthe phone and she was at my door w/in minutes..She showed me how to smoke it and she stayed by myside..By this time i was feeling the migraine full effect and was throwing up..The first 40 seconds into smoking the joint I felt RELIEF like no other..The nausea stopped on the spot and the migraine was almost 100% numbed.I could tell it was there But I had no naseua or neck,leg back pain..I was amazed and since then I have been on a path to legalize his plant.I think every household should be allowed to grow 1-3 plants in there own property for personal use no resale! I have wrote letters to big wigs around the usa..I hope they listen to someone.This really is a miracle drug.god intended this to be a health aide..Why cant we use it then? I mean we still pray to him and follow his words why cant we use his natural healer..MARIJUANA HAS TO BE SAFER TO SMOKE DAILY THEN POPPING MORPHINE AND VICODINS DAILY!!
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