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Mean providers stink; I hear of instances such as mine so ofen!!

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  • Posted By: neurotransmissing
  • April 19, 2009
  • 08:51 AM

Disappointments with providers left me extremely upset and distraught on four occasions. In retrospect though, having seen ... probably ... about 200 since 1996, I suppose that a pretty good "score" on their part ... overall.

Unfortunately, there are some out there. They did not listen, and did not want to hear. Upon me, the patient ailing, having spoken but very few words, they would conclude wrongly and out of sheer ignorance, supply a diagnosis. The lack of information allowed from me so necessary for them to do their job was a total waste of my time ... but certainly not
$$$ theirs $$$.

"Hey, cram as many patients in as you can and allow them only a few seconds they struggle to $pay$ YOU for so you can line your pockets and live large."

Some providers, even after lengthy time (two hours, in one instance) spent in the waiting room by this patient, "brush you in and right back out." These I've encountered, they don't even care to hear, don't want to give you time at all; patients, us ... people, some have simply made us a part of the "assembly line" their greed has created. And sadly, they don't appear to feel or reflect any sense of hesitancy, none whatsoever, in picking up that script pad and scribbling out a prescription that is absolutely useless ... that I'm left to pay for while hoping their few seconds allowed for a few words from me was enough to get a med that may actually help. "Move along now ... (((( NEXT )))) " They get paid for the care and services they provide. We, the patients, are the ones that put food on their table,even those of us that may achieve that through coverage provided by Federal Disability/Medicare or State funding ... of which they receive applicable monies from both ... their patients go to them and pay for help; even indirectly ... their revenue is received when a patient comes for care.

Many providers seem to have forgotten that upon arrival home to their upper-class homes and lifestyles ... or while eating out at "pricey" places or indulging in similar pleasures with friends and family ... so many of us don't have the resources to spend 1% of what they consider "petty cash" or "rainy-day change" to spend and indulge in so frivolously.

Expensive medical education or not, the money these providers make comes from the patients, and these providers that acquire, believe, and practice this false sense of entitlement with their apparent self-proclaimed-almighty importance ... I pity. Just like everybody, the world owes them nothing for doing exactly as they should, what they are supposed to... THEIR CHOSEN PROFESSION TO EARN THEIR LIVING.

Too many patients? long hours? TOO BAD!! That was the occupational choice that was independently made by these providers, don't blame us; scale down your clientele if you've bitten off more than you can chew so we can actually get the medical care that we pay for. They chose for themselves, their occupation, the way they earn a living and secure income to support their families ...while our medical expenses put us and our families under. So don't "snap" at us when you get calls that "interrupt you" ... because you have a responsibility to do your job! TOO BAD!

Personally, I refer to those providers as having a "God Complex," and I firmly believe that listening to the patient is the key element in securing a diagnosis. I have lived in this body, nobody else has; I've always known what I am experiencing (sensations, symptoms, and so forth) even if I don't know the diagnosis or the "proper terminology" ... MINE is the most valuable information they can have to provide the best care, that which only the patient can supply most accurately to supply these providers with some direction on what/where to look and so forth. I live in my body, not one of my providers ever has ... as the patient, listen to me; what I have to say is most often the key! And I deserve ALL of the information once you have it, not just a few crumbs for you to get by via a lawful explanation that "covers it," I'm a medical layperson, the providers have the responsibility to explain in layman's terms, again, that's their job ...
after all ... I PAY FOR IT! And YOU DO TOO, whether that happens directly or indirectly ... that is of no consequence to the provider!

And oh, my, my ... how 'bout the physicians that are actually wonderful, but their staff is either "indifferent" or clearly don't know what their job duties consist of.

Thanks for letting me << RANT >> .... another I know is going through this mess now. I pray that all patients find good, caring, responsible, knowledgeable, and wise providers with a staff that will mirror that on their part. Truly, it is a direct reflection on the provider if his/her staff is poor.

:rolleyes: Sometimes venting with people that actually care and can relate DOES help. Now ... I'm over it, but I feel for others that encounter this, no doubt!!

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