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Lyme Disease

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  • Posted By: lymegirl46
  • August 25, 2009
  • 04:41 PM

It was just a bite.....or so I thought. The year was 2002 and I was loading my children into our van in front of my home. I felt a pinch and smacked through my jeans. Looked just like a mosquito bite to me. Several days passed and what had looked like a mosquito bite was now a large rash with a circle around it. The ER doctor asked me what bit me ??? Spider, bug, yellow fly, etc. ???? I did not have a clue. He coded the report out as being CELLULITIS. Wrong diagnosis. That rash was the bulls-eye rash and if the doctor would have recognized that, I would be a whole lot less poorer today. Months went by and the only unusual problem I had was head pressure. An MRI was ordered but nothing unusual showed up the first time. Second time around showed lesions. My head felt like someone had put stuffing in it. I got scared and began to eat right and jog.... lost a bunch of weight. Still, I knew something was wrong. One day at work, my heart rate shot up to 220 bpm. This was a tachycardia attack......but no structural heart problems could be detected. My brother suggested that when I get back from my nightly run I needed to drink a glass of red wine. This suggestion proved to be good and bad. After about 3 days of drinking my glass of wine, I could no longer tolerate sunlight. My eyes were way too sensitive. Nodules appeared under my skin and my joints cracked and popped all the time. Joints felt like they were slipping out of position. My muscles burned and my hands became arthritic. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME ???? Specialist after specialist did not have a clue. Was I allergic to the alcohol ??? Was this lupus or some sort of muscular degenerative disease ??? NO ONE KNEW ! Finally, my family doctor decided to set up an appointment with Duke Medical. By this time, my complexion was crayon gray and nodules under my skin were very apparent. While waiting to see someone from Duke, I noticed white spots on the back of my throat. The next day, I told my doctor I had strep. She did a culture and it came back positive. She put me on Zithromax and all of my 50 symptoms stopped dead in their tracks. PLEASE I begged, keep the Zithromax coming. Do you have some sort of bacterial infection, she said ??? She had not been my doctor at the time I was bit. I had described the rash to my prior GP but it had meant nothing to him. I was tested for Lyme disease and it came back with a note at the bottom >>>> ACUTELY INFECTED. This may not sound good but on the bright side, less than 50 % that have Lyme disease test positive for it. ALCOHOL and INTENSE SWEETS can cause dormant LYME DISEASE to flare up. Finding out what I had was only the beginning to an insane journey. After discovering that NO ONE in my area could help me, I found a wonderful doctor 6 hours away. Infected date was 10/2002. Diagnosis date was 10/2003. It took almost one year to find out my diagnosis. At this point, it is now a chronic condition. I have moved to South Carolina to be closer to my Lyme Specialist. There is no test to verify Lyme disease is cured or gone. Many people have this disease but do not test positive for it. Therefore, Lyme should be a clinical diagnosis. After going through my Lyme doctor's treatment program, my multitude of symptoms dissapeared. After surgery at the end of 2007, they returned. DOCTORS NEED TO BE EDUCATED ON LYME DISEASE. INFECTIOUS DISEASE does not equal LYME-LITERATE. Trust me on this one. Over the years, I have spoken to many Lyme patients that were diagnosed right after they were infected. 30 days of antibiotics were given and years later, they were hit with Lyme full force. My doctor told me I was a text book case and NOBODY CAUGHT THIS !!! PLEASE EDUCATE PEOPLE ON LYME DISEASE.....ESPECIALLY DOCTORS !!!

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