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lower back pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 13, 2007
  • 02:36 AM

I Am A 33 Yr. Old Woman Who Suffers From Constant Back Pain. I Have Been To A Chiroprator, Taken Different Meds And Even Did A Bout Of Physical Therapy. It Seems Like Nothing Works. The Problem Is My Lower Back Is Constantly Popping. Any Straining And It Sounds Like Fire Crackers. My Last Problem Occured When I Was Shopping. I Was Walking Down The Aisle And I Heard And Felt A Big Pop.... My Right Hip, Lower Spine, And Stomach Are Constantly Sore. I Can Bend Over Only So Far Before A Pain Seizes Me. People Can Squeeze Me In A Hug And My Back Pops. I Have Scared Many Doing That. I Try To Do The Exercises They Showed Me In Therapy, And Only Get Some Relief For A Short Time. I Use Caution In Picking Up Anything Over 10 Lbs Because I Know Later I Will Pay. I Have Even Been Walking And All Of The Sudden Hit The Ground In Agonizing Pain Not Able To Walk Without Help, They Give Me A Shot And Muscle Relaxers, Im Usually Bedridden For 2-3 Days. Has Anyone Delt With This Before? I Do Not Have Arthritus According To My Doctor, And No Bone Spurs.

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  • have they performed an imaging test on you like an MRI or a cat scan?how can they prove it's not arthritis if an mri hasn't been performed?you sound like you're in a terrible situation with no answer and I absolutely feel for you.it's horrible to be in pain with no answers as to what it is so that you can help treat it.please let us know what happens.sincerelyLinda
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  • Please consider trying acupuncture to help you with your lower back pain. It can often help when chiro and pt treatments can't. Acupuncture helps with pain, but it also promotes healing and tissue regeneration.To find a practitioner near you please visit www.acufinder.com If you have had this pain for some time now, please understand there is no quick fix and it may take some time to see results. Don't give up and hope you find some relief. Best wishesDOM
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  • As a chiropractor I suggest you forego any further manipulation and seek medical care. Do not try alternative therapies as a primary course of treatment which are palliative in nature for your condition. You need to get a lumbar MRI, weight bearing, possibly with contrast. If it is a surgical case consult an orthopedic surgeon, however, there is a BIG gray zone between it hurts like crazy and you need surgery. That gray zone is just chronic pain management and therapy. If indicated there are some effective alternatives.Prolotherapy to the affected area. (google it)Epidural Steroid Injections with pain medication. (needles and shots, temporary relief)Implantable electrical devices. (basically an implanted TENS (google it) unit that fires off when the area is irritated)Strengthen your core and supporting muscles, abdomen and back muscles to increase your proprioception. Be realistic, if your fat and weak it doesn't help. Watch for other symptoms that may be the cause. Educate yourself so YOU know what to ask the Doctor. They may have studied everything but I can tell you first hand it always doesn't come to mind in a 5 minute exam visit.
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  • hi everyone im going to make this quick.. i have have lower back pain due to basketball injury for 5 years.In the last year i have felt pain everyday second of the day 24/7.I extract my back and my lower back makes the biggest popping sound due to my vertabraes extracting into place and my disk sliping back in.. but it slips back out. Atleast thats my theory. I am 20 years old. and i feel like im 100.. im on a waiting list for an mri.. i really think this could be very serious. I extract my back by laying on my bed pullming my body in a relaxed position taking deep breathes while making sure my fett are hanging off. and sometimes i do the crouching tiger. I k now i need surgery.. i am not fatt.. i am very athletic.. i have tried chiropractic treatment physio therapy and also electro stimulation acupuncture.
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    • January 21, 2009
    • 05:02 AM
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  • David,you're too young to be going through such horrible back pain. I feel really bad for you.Why is there a waiting list for you to get an MRI?You need one ASAP.IF you can't take the pain anymore, can't you go to the ER at your local hospital?Injuries wind up turning to arthritis years later after an accident sometimes.that's why I didn't want my sons playing any dangerous sport like football.they never did play it, thank God!I hope you get the help you need. meanwhile, you can come and vent to take out your frustrations here if you need to. It helps to talk about it.sincerely,Linda
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    • January 22, 2009
    • 02:52 PM
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