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Lower Back Chronic Pain - Hep. C. - Mental Paranoia

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  • Posted By: jimoer
  • April 21, 2008
  • 03:35 PM

Mental paranoia started twenty years ago.. years before this when counting time.. i just endured.. without asking for help.
The VA in Walla Walla is wh ere i began. Prozac was the drug i ended with and took for ten years. I moved to spokane 13 years ago and have been an outpatient here ever since. I live in a drug free acohol free home environment. Seven years ago i had to quit my job at the Air force base because the pain in my lower back was to much to bare, i could barely get out of bed daily.. much less work janitorial every day, buffers, mop buckets.. lifting garbage cans, vacuum cleaners.. an on till dawn.
I went to the VA to get checked out, my doctor then after MRIs ex-rays and the like saw something unusual around my spine he could not figure out what it was. A dozen MRIs two to three biopsies at Deconess with no results.. he seen my pain was real and prescribed hydro pain killers, and still taking prozac. i also was told i have the most dangerous of Hep. C.
After a few months he asked if i would go to seattle to VA for a biopsy
i agreed.. they paid my way there and placed me on the cancer ward for two weeks. they did find and problem. a virus was in my blood and had made a home in a fracture in my lower spine. My pain meds were upped to Oxycodone 25 mil grams a day. I flew back to Spokane the set up a pick line in my arm for intravenous anti-bio tics that were to last for 12 weeks this being self administered daily by myself refrigerated medicine.
With pain meds i could get around with out losing focus to pain and get things done.. everyday things. After the 12 weeks of anti-biotics, the pick line came out and test said i was virus clean. Pain still chronic, by now i used to the dosage of Oxycodone and took more to relieve pain, against rules. Finally doctor took me off most of them and added methadone, 10 milligrams of Oxy for break through and 15 mil grams of methadone three times a day for pain. This has been going on for seven years, my doctor got a promotion and i was left with others doctors stwitching me around untill this date. i now have the doctor female who is trying to get me to accept a pain pump i am reluctant, no surgery.. wish to stay where i am at this time, no more no less. I decline to take medicine for Hep c. because of symptoms doubled pain & starting the inner war battle of anti bio tics making the virus fight a battle in my system causing more pain misery. they have a hard time prescribing meds for pain as it is.. sometimes doctors is on vacation not available to fill order i have to go out there cause if i just wait they wont come and i am in withdrawal from addiction to meds. plus pain. if i do this the Hep C program i may be left out some weekend and i hate pain. more later~ I don't trust them to care for my pain issues..

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