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Low folate and B12, muscle wasting despite exercise, fatigue easily

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  • Posted By: tealady7
  • May 18, 2011
  • 08:04 AM

Hi Freddd and everyone,
I've been reading the posts and it seems Harry is perhaps simi;lar to Freddd.
He is extremely fit, exercises (rowing these days) a couple of hours most morning sand walks. He has een finding over the past 5 years or so that he recovers increasingly slower after competing in racing , and fatigues more easily. can compete less during the day andfar fewer races over many days of comps. He used to easily win by a huge margin even as a novice to the sport, now does not. although holds his own. He has been taking calcium and magnesium for the cramps he has been getting and this has been working but he seems to need increasing amounts. The amount of calcium needed increases with exrecise (or competiton) increase.
I recently got him to the doctors for the first time in over a decade. His blood tested out below Australia normal for folate (sorry I cxant find the paperwok but very low!)and low normal range B12 (165..the normal range in Oz starts at 150). I will try to figures get off the doc again.
Not wanting to deplete either folate or B12 by supplementing only in one (the doc prescribed 400mcg folate in swallowable tablet only!!), I started him on some B12 sublinguals (some old Source naturals cyanocobalamin that I know arent much good but bettter than nothing I hope until I get something better!) and some old 400mcg folic acid tablets for a week or 2 with a subvlingual Coenymated B from Source Naturals as well daily (which also provides another 400mcg folic acid).
Then I tried some hydroxycobalamin injections , but only a fraction of an ampoule as I wanted to build up rather than hit his system which presumaly has a higher no of receptors at present ??. I am concerned about depleting folate until I build them both up~!
He's had 0.25mg hydroxycobalain , then 0.4 mg, and this time 0.6 mcg Hydrocxycobalamin injection after a 2 weeks break.. but finds it really wipes him out. He doesnt get the tingling or reddish palms and soles of feet 'reaction that I get with the hyroxycobalamin injections though (same ampoule shared wwith 2 needles).
I've also had him on brewer's yeast for a balanced B http://www.iherb.com/Source-Naturals-Coenzymate-B-Complex-Peppermint-Flavored-Sublingual-60-Tablets/1041?at=0, and just today some Source Naturals Advanced B12 (which has the mthyl and the adeno types , and I think is OK??) http://www.iherb.com/Source-Naturals-Advanced-B-12-Complex-5-mg-60-Tablets/1470?at=0
I had all of these at home, but I was just looking around to find what to order and found Fredds posts about Source Naturals being no good? Do ytou mean the cyanocobalin(which I agree with -useless!) or all them? I have tioed one bottle of Jarrow Methylcobalamin before and didnt notice anything mysel (same as the Source natruralas methycobalaim-nothing also, but I am going to try under lip instead of under tongue as nyou suggest).
For folate he first tried a week or 2 of folic acid 400mcg, then now on folinic acid 800mcg http://www.iherb.com/Source-Naturals-MegaFolinic-800-mcg-120-Tablets/7735?at=0. I gather this type is also no good? Is this the folinic acid you mention as no good?
I also have at home a Thorne Research 5_MTHRF 1000mcg which I havewnt tried at rpesent , as until I build up the B12 I thought it may be a bit of over kill.
I understand from your posts that he should be on some adenosyl type cobalamin and Not the folinic acid, so which would you recommd for this if not http://www.iherb.com/Source-Naturals-Advanced-B-12-Complex-5-mg-60-Tablets/1470?at=0 which he started on today? I gather the one listed has some folic acid in it?

(Myself I am high in red blood call folate (way above ref range every test), and perhaps not surprising actually felt better on glutathione and high glutathione food like watermelon etc and on NAC for a while (it does build up and lose effectiveness aftera while), so a need to cycle on and off maybe every eyar or so.. As you mentioned, I was on hydroxycobalain ., so it fits

Folate- still no idea why it tests so high, but my mother tests the same!..with no supps ever, and careful use of foods . Lots on Oz gave some folate added!, so I guess that's where we pick some up fropm.Serum folate also highish but in range, and last test my red blood cell folate in upper naormal range for first time...perhaps that glutathionine depletion as you say?). Strange with similar foods he can test below normal range and me above normal range!!

Just want to rebuild the depleted muscle on the lower legs especially and shoulders and in hands. He puts this down to a genetic inhgerited condition called Charcot Murray tooth (CMT) which his family has, but his muscle is depleted all over his body a lot in the past 5 years. It could be this CMt condition, but it is interesting that Freddd too, also had that muscloe depletion. Also trhis CMT causes loss of sensation in feet and then hand stec... kinda like a B12 deptions isnt it, but mkore extreme, and wiotrh a lowish B12 blodd level, I think it warrants a good trial of supplementation. Also it should help recoevery with competitions (especially between heats and finals-this is the rationale for him taking the supplements.
I have found he has got less "reasoned "and more difficult and easy to anger in the afternoons , I am blaming the low folate levels as I know another male also found this and reversed and recovered his memory problems and diffculty with expression and easy änger"with the 5mg of folic acid tablets prescribed on the NHS in the UK (the 400mcg had no effect). So I'm hoping some supps in some form of folate will also help in the same way. Both harry and this UK male were working at extremely severely pushed long days over years with no break..I suspect this must deplete folate in some way and cause this imbalance in older males (older than 60 pushed beyond reasonable limits for long perios of time at work-both brain type university level work)!

Best regard, and thanks for your work here,
Jan (tealady)

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