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  • Posted By: shanem
  • June 30, 2010
  • 10:33 AM

bout a year ago outta the blue when i was laying down for bed i was temporarily paralyzed could not move any part of my body i was litterally stuck staring at the wall till whatever was happening was done no clue how long this lasted for but seemed like for ever as one could imagine , when i was able to move again i went to the ER where they found nothing wrong and told me to see my regular doctor about the issue . its been over a full year since the first attack in that year i was temporarily paralyzed over 26 times for the times when i had someone with me to time how long the attack lasted most were around 2 minutes at most and occured either laying down , sitting or standing at different times during the day along with the paralysis i have tingling sensation and numbness that affects my scalp , legs , arms , back ( often have pins and needle feeling associated with the numbness) .
As the year progressed round the 6 month marker new symptoms added into the attack were blurred vision , black blotchy spots in vision , transparent circular objects in vision , and flashes of light when i have any of these visions problems i have a sharp stabbing pain in my temple region on either side ( seems to very ) .
8 months in when sitting down with the family watching television my entire body began to convulse ( dunno how else to describe it ) i could get up and walk but was difficult , in a sitting position my legs were very jumpy during the hour this lasted i could had difficulty speaking words were broken , i knew what i wanted to say but it just wouldnt come out .

i have have every test possible done multiple times eeg, ekg, mri , ct scan , bloodwork for everything possible , and numerous xrays .

the only diagnosis i have been given is -anxiety , panic attack dissorder .
I was prescribed : litium , buspirone , lorazipam ,zolpidem, divalproex, risperidone , topiramate and a crap tone of other pills that have had no effect and preventing or lessening the symptoms i have - my insurance is bout ready to drop me from all the tests i have had done to just be diagnosed with anxiety ........if anyone has any insight on whats going please lemme hear anything you have - i wanna figure this out so i can resolve it before i make my 3 year old son a wreck form watching all that occurs when these attacks happen ( for anyone wondering my mother has moved in to make sure hes not alone with me when these attacks occur )

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  • i should add - im diagnosed bipolar , smoker , age of 28 years old , normally never get sick cet once a year with a cold or the flu - prior to all this happening i had 3 wisdom teeth removed and had a lymphatic infection from a bite form a unknown critter or plant on my left arm that trailed up to my chest from the wrist with a red line was given antibiotics and it cleared up
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