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Long story trying to make it short

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  • Posted By: depressmotheroftwo
  • January 16, 2009
  • 03:39 AM

Hey i am new i am becky soon to be 22, i have two boys andrew who well be three april eight, and derek who well be one feb second. I am also married to drew my first true love. Anyways, my pregnancy and everything went good with andrew, i was induced cause of preeclampsia. I had him he was full term, average size. Nothing went wrong. my second pregnancy was like andrews, but i was told i have gestational diebetes. so i had to take insulin etc... well i was in labor for about seven hours. he was 8.15lbs. big kid. well after i had him thats when my life turned around forever. it doesn't matter how much i try to forget i just can't. anyways, i was coughing, losing alot of blood, shaking, i also have a fever. the next day i notice my son was breathing fast so i asked the doctor if its normal or why he is doing this. she says its normal. well then if it was so freaking normal why was he under one of those breathing shields later that day. i started to get worst. couldn't walk. just layed there. not gettin any help with anything. the nurses came and went as they pleased. i was trying to get upby myself and this nice nurse came in and helped me up. i was seating at the corner of the bed for about thirty minutes. she helped me up i had to pee so bad once i stood up i just went. then she gave me a bad. she was very nice i dont think i could ever forget her. the other nurses screw them. they are one of the reasons why my son derek had scars on his hands now cause they was trying to give me iv and well they didn't keep a eye out on him n it blew a vein n each hand. so he had to get skin draphs done. but he is happy n a mommie boy now. :D
I wasn't able to do anything except seat there on the couch not being able to lay down cause of the chronic pain i was n. i couldn't even go get my ppd check up done cause i wouldn't move. march 6 is when the doctor i seen for my pregnancy told me to go to the hosiptal cause my left leg was three x's its size. i ended up having blood clots n my legs one and each lung. i started to cry when the doctor told me this. i notice right then and there i didn't wanna die. i wanted to be here for my kids and my husband.( i was very suicidal while i was at home and sick and n pain. i was to the point where i was very very close of ending it all...i didn't thanks to my husband n kids...) they started heprin right away. gave me pain meds. thank god and admitted me to a room. it was ***l the first couple days. i can't really remember much cause i was n and out of it. i remember getting a breathing thing up my nose cause i had amonia and anemia. i also remember having to get on my stomach which was very hard cause the doctor i had wanted to get a spinal diospy done to figure out what really was going on. later that day i was told i had a hip bone infection. so i had to be on antibiotics for over a month. i was even at home getting home care cause of it. by the time i was released i was able to walk i was finally able to take a shower, take care of my kids even thou i had to use the walker and put both feet flat on the floor. fun! i still currently i dont have no insurance, everything i have to get done, comes out of our pockets. we dont have much money we are lucky if we can make it throu the whole month without having to borrow money from someone. since i am no longer working cause of the pain i still have.
i hate the doctors around here cause none of them that i have had act like they care about their patiences. i need a doctor that wants to help me that can help me with this pain. i am only 22 n i feel like i am fifty or sixty.

sorry for the long story i lefted some out hoping it wouldn't be so darn long...

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