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Leg pain and endometriosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 16, 2009
  • 07:10 PM

Around tw years ago, I was trying to get on birth controll pills but it did not seem to work for me. Finally a few months into taking the pill, I started to see pain in my right ankle when I was in the mall or taking a walk in the park. I saw a doctor who told me I had flat foot and recomended I see an orthopedic. He recomended insoles(I used the ones from walgreens).Fast forward a couple of months, one day i could not step out of bed. I could not put weight on my right ankle. I saw another doctor who put me on splints and crutches and asked me to see an orthopedic. By this time I was also seeing right Knee pain. I was given NSAIDs. I did finally go to orthopedic. He changed the brand of NSAIDs I was using and refered me to an ankle specialist. Around the time I also saw another orthopedic(nearer my house) -knee doctor. He saw my Knee and suspected condromalacia. he sent me to physiotherapy too. I started physio therapy with the Knee doctors referal. While I was being treated for the knee the therapist started to put weight around my ankle. My ankle condition worsened. I got in with the Ankle doctor next. The Ankle specialist said I have PTTD and asked me to do physiotherapy. In the mean time my condition started to worsen. I could not stand /walk take stairs and stopped driving. I was seeing pain in bones between the joints.meta tarsal pain too was seen.
Fast forward a couple of months, I went to see a podiatrist. He suspected I have plantar facitis. I went in for physio therapy for that. By this time my knee and ankle on the left side started to hurt too. tough not as bad as the right joints. Continuing visits to my knee orthopedic, I was recomended for artheritic blood work. All my results came out negative. By this time i started to get depressed. I tried accupunture and it did not help. I got MRI of my right ankle and it showed nonspecific sinovitis. I got MRI of my knee which did not show anything. I decided to go to India(my home country) to be with my parents(nov 2008). This time I got dynamic MRI on the knee(the first one in USA was static). The dynamic MRI showed miniscus tear(left and right), ACl injury(left), subluxation in the left knee. Also a family doctor suggested i test for Vit D deficiency. I was low at 8. They gave me two 600,000 iu(not sure about the unit) shots. I then did knee physiotherapy for one and a half month daily with a therapist in india.They said my pain in in my head so i tried anti depressents. i made me feel like i have no worry in the world and i could do what i wanted. However i ended up over using (walking for an hr or so) my joints and the pain did not go. i just did not seem to feel it my my joints were week. i cld tell as even tough i wld not feel such sharp pain i wld feel like i cld not use it any more. I then returned to USA. over the first two months i was feeling better.i attributed that to vit d shots. the pain between the joints was gone. I started to take over the counter vit D(1000iu) meds and calcium tablets. tough i did miss a few days here and there. I also started exposing my self to the sun more often. in the mean time since I went to india my periods were messed up. I wld see spotting after sex,absent periods and irregular spotting. Last month i went to my my gyni. He said he suspected i have endometriosis. the lab work and ultrasound are pending. also in the last one month, i have started to notice pain in my right elbow and wrist. also in the meta carples. I noticed this once or twice on the left but more on the right. At first i saw it one day in the week when i had my chin on my hand which was sup;porting my chin from the desk and that bothered my elbow. the pain however went away. Last week onwards i am seeing pain in my right hand sholder to elbow. radiating pain. I cant explain it. it hurts when i try to make a fist. I am scared. I dont know if i mentioned. multiple RA tests have come out negative. I am negative for gout/lupus nothing in the blood profile. My Phosphate levels are normal. my calcium levels are normal. I dont know whats going on with me . i am just 28. can any body help me?

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