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left sided stomach and head issues

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  • Posted By: justcurious
  • December 31, 2006
  • 07:47 AM

I am currently dealing with issues on the left side of my body. It started a few years ago and has continued to progress from my head down to my stomach. I went to a chiropractor a few years back who did a neck adjustment that went wrong. It seemed to affect my carotid artery and my brain stem. I went to the ER where they gave me vicodin which I took and it sent my heart racing and after that I had a real bad headache and then my head got really cold, only on the left side. After that I had all kinds of bizarre headache, stroke like symptoms but all of it only on my left side, like the left half of my tongue going numb. An MRI revealed excess fluid around the brain but nothing that was life threatening. They knew I wasn't having a stroke and so diagnosed me with Basilar artery migraine.

I continued to have symptoms that stayed on my left side, sometimes it would impact my vision and other times it would affect other parts of my body like just my left shoulder or the left side of my chest. As the symptoms in my head eased up I continued to have issues with other things on my left side. I would get congested. My left side often feels like it has a blood pressure cuff on it. I retain water, but mostly on my left side.

It just seems to continue that way. Most recently, within the last year the left side of my stomach from just under my ribs to my left hip has bothered me. It was tolerable pain so I pretty much ignored it. Finally it got worse, to the point of being very weak, and the pain was sharp and burning. I felt really sick and weak. It was so bad that I went to the ER in the middle of the night. They did a CT scan and found nothing and nothing showed in the blood work. What they did find theough was that my uterus was enlarged. I took that to mean, a little. They recommeded I go my regular doctor, who of course, was only interested in my stomach pain. I went a second time to my doctor who told me that my uterus was up to my rib cage. An ultrasound was ordered and they found it was 6"in diamter with a couple of small fibroids at the top and it looked inflamed but a gyn. doctor at the university here said after talking with my doctor that they could rule out cancer but they could wait to see if it resolves itself and gets smaller on its own or they could do a biopsy. I am not sure what to do about that part.

As far as my stomach goes I am concerned again because it is still bothering me. I still get periods of weakness at times. My back hurts right about where your belt loop would be on a pair of jeans so leaning aginst anything is painful. It is that part of the back bone itself but I am sore still form the lower left rib cage to my spine and down to about my hip. At times I feel like my stomach is pulsating in that area.

I was wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms? I am beginning to feel like a crazy person and really tired of not finding a soultion. Some of this stuff is pretty scary and while I am thankful that all my test results have come out okay I am still sufftering from some pretty uncomfortable stuff. So if you have any ideas maybe you could let me know.


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