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Left side discomfort 3+ years...HELP!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 29, 2010
  • 02:50 PM

I'll try to put them in the order they started. All of these symptoms are on the LEFT SIDE of my body only.

• Neck discomfort - tension/tightness
• Upper back/low neck discomfort - tension/tightness
• PAIN in muscle between shoulder blade and spine - pain, tightness, definitely a specific point in that muscle that hurts and can't seem to go away.

These first three get tight, tight, tight for days until:
• It turns into a headache on left side of head
• Get pain in hip joint area - not sure if it's actual joint but the area inside my hip/ left buttocks

Also, gradually I've developed:
• Ear discomfort - sometimes dr has given me antibiotics & it helps the ear only. (I think the ear discomfort may be a side effect of whatever else is going on)
• Sinus discomfort/behind cheek/nostril - had sinuses checked, 2 xrays, & they're fine
• Eye discomfort - Discomfort behind eye, and now developing a
• Pingecula on that same eye (i know this could be totally unrelated but since I'm having all these other left side symptoms, wonder if it's also associated)
• Tooth discomfort - dentist did root canal based on the discomfort I was having on that side. But all symptoms still there after root canal. He does say I'm having some bone loss in that area (is that cause? or another side effect of something else?)
- have one mercury filling on that side but on lower jaw, not close to the symptoms.

*The eye, sinus/cheek, and tooth discomfort are all along same "line" with each other. Meaning the cheek discomfort is directly below the eye discomfort & pingecula. And the tooth discomfort is directly below cheek discomfort.

Symptoms came on gradually but now are always there. The neck the back & hip get better with rest and ice. Worse with driving, walking, grocery shopping, etc.
The facial stuff gets worse when the neck, back, hip are worse, but are still there when neck hip back are not so bad.

I SO APPRECIATE ANY INSIGHT/ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE A NEUROLOGIST. This is definitely affecting my quality of life, activity level, mood, etc. Don't have insurance to go to specialists. One Dr told me to go to ER for MRI. I went and after admitted, they told me they don't do MRIs in the ER, gave me a shot of something in each leg and billed me $1,000!! (Whatever they injected made my legs feel horrible but the symptoms did get better for about 2 days)


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