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Latency or dormancy in chlamydia??

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 25, 2009
  • 02:54 PM

Hi guys,

I'm a 22 yr old male, circumcised.

I've seen alot of different pages, sayin all the same: 2 to 3 weeks after exposure symptoms follow if there ever are to be. This rang true to me too, as i also noticed infection approx 2 weeks after unprotected intercourse.

Are there any other instances where it has been "dormant" for upto 4 months?? :eek:

I've long since been treated but my ex girlfriend, whom i think it comes from is insisting i gave it to her.

Story goes sumin like this short, dated version)
Had unprotected sex arnd- 25-26/10/08 with first girl.
Had sex with a condom but it broke with the second girl- 15/11/08.
Had sex with third, unprotected but withdrawn before ejaclation- 27- 02/01/09 and she gave me oral sex once during this period.
From then, i had no inter course with anyone else till easter- Again unprotected, with the third girl again, gave her oral sex as well-13,14/04/09, during one session she asked my to stop as her was "sore" an after askin why she replied "it happens sometimes, at times it bleeds"
By the end of the next day i had an unexplainable stinging of the eyes, making them water a bit, dismissed it as dust or sumin.
2 weeks later give or take a day.... i had a stinging sensation while urinating, realising what may have happened, went to the doctor.

After some time, we worked out it was chlamydia- docs in zim aren't too switched on...
There has been a lot of other drama attached to this relationship- false positive HIV test, confirmed negative, an a phantom longevity of the chlamydia infection - soap irritation from a bit of over hygeine:D

Between Dec an april it was a casual arrangment so she had another partner in south (where she lives) who claims not to have had anything,though i think he got treated, then tested.

She found herself a new boyfriend recently an this week exploded on me all over my facebook wall saying i falsely accuse her of being the start between us, that i was the source. She added she got her info through answers.com but i don't quite know what info as she isn't on talking terms.

I don wanna wage war with her, sooner just get on with my life, but i'd like to know if there's anyone out there who can tell me if she actually has grounds given the above basic info so i know weather or not to accept or deny the blame if it ever amounts to anything more complicated. :(

Thanks to all who help me with this!!!!!!!!!! :)

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