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  • June 16, 2009
  • 02:41 PM

I'm new here and just wanted to share my story. I don't know for sure if it would be considered a "complete misdiagnosis" but I know that if I ever cross paths with my old doctor I will let her know how bad she messed up. Here goes:

When I was eleven I started having lower abdominal pains, my mother took me to the doctor. He said that my body was just getting ready to start menstruating. The next month the pain came back, just a little worse this time. My mom stood by the doctor, it made since. I was pretty excited, thinking I was going to start my period at any time. I kept waiting every month for something to happen, but all that ever happened was pain, worse and worse pain; I never bled or had any other discharge. After a while the pediatricians said that I needed to see and OBGYN since I was getting to old for them. My mom tried getting me to see an OBGYN, they said I was too young. So we waited some more. When I was fourteen an OBGYN finally saw me. She poked around, said everything looked fine, but would order an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that I had a cyst on one of my ovaries. She explained what kind of pain I would experience when it erupted and told me to take some Tylenol and it would be over after half an hour. She never told me how long cysts generally stuck around, or why I still didn't have any discharge. I waited for the inevitable eruption of the cyst. By now the pain was so bad from whatever else was going on I barely felt it when it happened. It did last about twenty minutes, but my regular pain was still there afterwards. The pain grew worse and worse all the time. Every month for about five days I would eventually be in so much pain I couldn't stand, I couldn't eat without vomiting it right back up, I couldn't go to school, I couldn't concentrate on anything at all. I would lie in the fetal position with a warm cloth over my lower abdomen my parents freaking out and trying to get me to take pain medicine that I would just throw up almost immediately. It when on like this for another year and a half (including an ER visit because I was beyond malnourished and kept throwing up air and saliva). I finally got accepted to see another GYN. He was helpful. He did everything he could think of, including putting me on birth control so that I wouldn't even have my "periods". After he ran every test he could think of and was still scratching his head he sent me to a specialist in another city. This doctor did a couple of ultrasounds and MRI's and still couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Then she had a stroke of brilliance. She had me come in while I was on my "period" and gave me a tampon covered in Crisco, told me to put it in and get in the MRI machine. Her thought was that maybe something was wrong with my cervix and if her theory was correct she would be able to see the problem in the MRI images if there was something surrounding both sides (apparently a regular tampon won't show up on the MRI machine, but Crisco will). It worked. The first time I saw the picture I almost freaked. You could clearly see all of my discharge floating around inside me pushing up against my cervix and the tampon on the other side. She met with a board of GYN's and they decided that I needed to see this world renowned specialist at LSU. So we went to New Orleans and talked to this hot shot doctor. He basically said that he would be able to reconstruct my cervix so everything would be flowing properly. He did say that if he started surgery and he wouldn't be able to perform it he would go ahead and do a hysterectomy to stop the pain. I said okay. I came back in a few months later, I had just turned seventeen. Preparing for the surgery was very scary. I had never been under for any procedure. I'd never broken any bones or gotten cut up too bad either. There were to main surgeons: my doctor and another guy. One was going to enter through the abdomen and the other was going to enter through my vagina. I got into the operating room and one of the surgical helper people was telling me jokes, which didn't make any since to me. Before I knew it I was out. The next thing I new I was conscious and could here my mother's voice. I forced my eyes opened and saw a dark room. I found my mom and asked her what happened. They had done the hysterectomy. My uterus looked like a war zone to them. I had had endometriosis stage 4. My periods had been flushing back into my uterus and fallopian tubes for five years. I was completely devastated. Not even out of high school and zero chance of ever baring children. My mom was furious with the "cyst" doctor. I looked those up after I recovered. An ovarian cyst normal lasts a few months, I had been in pain for 2 and a half years when I went to her. My mom tried to find her; she wanted to sue her for malpractice, but she had already disappeared. This was five years ago and I still get depressed about it. I'm married now and my husband seems excited about the prospect of adopting kids in the future; but there's a sad look in his eyes when we visit his brother and his son.
I'm sure this might not seem like "misdiagnosis" to some of you. I've read your stories, and it is unbelievable the crap that happens in the medical field in this country. I just wanted to share my experience with people who would understand all the pain and frustration involved and for the result to be nothing, makes it even worse.


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