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  • Posted By: Jennifer Pet
  • March 10, 2007
  • 00:48 AM

My daughter is 39 years old. She was admitted to hospital 7 months ago in a coma. She was in a coma for two weeks and was diagnosed with brain injury and alcohol dementia. She is also a bulimic. She was in Brain Injury Rehabiliation for 7 weeks for occupational therapy, speech therapy and was released into our care. She had major seizures (grand mal) when she was in the hospital and now is on several seziure medicines. She currently has 2-3 seizures a day (not life threatening according to the hospital). One doctor said they are psuedo seizures, others say they are not. I believe because she is a bulimic, she does bring on seizures just prior or during eating, as the majority of the seizures take place at meal times. Her attention scan is limited and cannot retain information. We have her living with us, and for the first month it was wonderful, even with all these problems. She would be happy, courteous, child-like, but we could live with it. We take her to the doctors every two weeks to have her seizure drug monitored ("Dilantan) and she has major seizures, when the level is low.
For the past three weeks, life has become impossible for us (the parents) as she now has bouts of depression and cannot focus on things. She rehashes her life over and over (losing her house (due to drinking) not be able to work cannot go anywhere alone (as she may have a seziure). We could handle our daughter when she was in the happy moods but these bouts of depression are unbearable. She accuses us of brinking on her seizures, because she sees the strain on our faces and she says this brings on seizures. She focuses on one thing and one thing only (her man friend, when she will see him (every weekend) and that is all she focuses on. Today, I believe our spirits were broken, again she said the seizures come on when she is with us and that she wants to contact someone where she can live somewhere else. She is not able to live on her own or take care of herself due to her condition. I finally said, fine, I will call someone to have you placed somewhere of your choice. She went to another room and cried and cried, and this time no one ran to reassure her of our love and that we want her here. About 1/2 hour later to reappeared, apologized and said "please do not call anyone, to place me somewhere else". I now her seizures are real and she is combating a lot, being an alcoholic, bulimia, brain injury and seizures. I have observed in the last two days, that she dwells only one thing and when the seizures start they are magnified until we spend sometimes hours reassuring her that we understand what she is going through.
I cannot get any answers from doctors, etc. Is this depression part of all her conditions? What coping methods can we use? Any suggestions or any knowledge someone has to from experiences such as this, would be greatly appreciated. We are becoming, tired, exhausted and numb.

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  • I'm very sorry for your daughter's issues. Is she being treated for the alcoholism? Does she still drink? I wonder if someone in your local Alcoholic's Anonomous could advise you on the depression etc. I would bet money that someone in the group has experienced the same thing and could guide you on what to expect, recovery, etc. Best of luck!
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  • Get her out of your house. Go to some Al Anon meetings. She is killing herself slowly and wants you to take the blame. What you are doing is setting yourself up. You have gone beyond a healthy level of assistance.Everything you do will be wrong or not good enough. Do her a favor and stop enabling her. Yes, it is not as easy as it sounds. That's why you need to check out Al Anon. Everyone is there because they lived your journy.They can support you and help you through making the decissions that are best for you and your daughter.I wish you the best.And please, go out for a cup of tea, to a park or library; and give yourself a rest from this mental choas.Peace!Kath
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  • Hi Jennifer, Your daughter has multiple risk factors for b12 deficiency, no matter what else is going on. Bullemia/anorexia are both b12 deficiency symtoms and co-correlattes. Alcohol related demetia is a b12 and multiple b-vitamin dementia. Depression is a b12 deficiency symtom. Dilantin decreases b12 in the body. I don't know what else is going on but perhaps her life and yours would improve with the right vitamins. http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?p=94012&posted=1#post94012 Come on over, look at the list of b12 deficiency symptoms and talk to folks about it.
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