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Kidney stone- not quite adding up.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 13, 2010
  • 11:08 PM

Soooo~ I dunno if there is a specific place to post this or whathaveyou, so I hope this isn't in the wrong place or anything.

Okay the basics
I am an 18 (as of today, actually) year old female, and tomarrow I am schedualed to have surgery to have a kidney stone removed, so first of all I would like to ask if anyone would like to share there experiance with me on that so I can have some idea of what to expect as I really dont have any history of being in a hospital or being treated there, secondly I would like to ask if anyone may have any ideas, and or similar experiances--

For the last two months, during that oh-so-lovely 4 or so days when most women would probably prefer to be a boy- I have suffered with pretty extreme pain in one area on the right side of my back, the previous 2 times I was able to lay down with an icepack on my back and suffer through it till I could fall asleep for about 2 hours, and when I would wake up the pain was gone, the second time this happened( one of the more serious times) I went to see the family doctor who pretty much concluded that he wasnt sure what was causing the pain,they did a urine test that time because of the location and that came back perfectly clear "The picture of healthy urine--" two or three days after that visit I began having problems of having a pretty strong and frequent urge to use the ladies room, I insisted I go back, which they did a urine test again which this time showed that I indeed, had a UTI, okay so I figured my delima was over, take some antibiotics badabing, badaboom, NOT. the next month rolled around and after the first day of my cycle, I was sent home from school due to the same back pain, more severe, a fever, and slight nausa, we scheduled an appointment that day but I couldnt wait and had my dad take me to the hospital--this is getting long so ill give you the short version, That hospital said MAYBE its a kidney stone sent me home with some painmeds and a watchful eye, almost a month later with a continued urgency to urinate that comes and goes I finally get to see the urologist who then scheduale me for surgery-- there we are caught up, so like I said, not quite adding up. I ONLY suffer pain during my cycle, and this pain has happened recurantly now over two cycles, what is the coincidence, they said my pain was indicative of a kidney stone, because it was that bad, yet, Im still having problems with urination,and am just cringing in wait for the pain to hit me again sometime today or tomarrow as it is likely too. Could a kidney stone which is presumably 4mm big cause pain ONLY during a persons menstrual cycle,one day of it, for roughly 40-60min. and stop not to re-occur till the next month? and do kidney stones last for three months with those symptoms. I have suggested an ovarian cyst which my doctor said was possible yet no one looked into it, and they pretty much insist its a kidney stone so Im taking there word for it, but it just dosent make sense to me, the length of time, the short, severe pain only one day out of the month while on my cycle, and the urge to urinate frequently (which is always strongest before my cycle, which had never happened before the pain started) can kidney stones be aggravated by a womens cycle?
So much for a short version, eh?

Im lost, and feeling really low, this has really put a stopper to my life and I feel so hopless, any advice, or even kind words are so appreciated.

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