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Kidney infection and 4th stage renal failure

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  • Posted By: gluck7104
  • August 25, 2008
  • 11:14 PM

Hi; I just called my neph. 'dr' to tell them I need to be seen. I am on medicaid here in this insane Spokane, Wa. in the US. They told me that they do not have any appts. for appx 2 months...I am sick as a dog. I only have maximum of 29 percent total kidney function. What can I do to get help??? I posted in 'share your misdiagnosis story and am being 'rationed' out of life! I cannot find help. Please, someone, Help??!!! I am too ill to do much of anything and am vomiting, and weak. Any suggestions? Natural cures...I have fought long and hard for my life, diagnosing accurately the disease that should not have destroyed my kidney function, if doctor apathy and Demi- God labels not been applied ! HELP PLEASE. I am young enough that I could still enjoy some bit of life if:confused TRUE, ungreedy help were availabe. I am blessed with a STRONG will, but I won't last this infection could do me in....I have HOPE but IT is waning quickly.:confused:

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  • I would call back and ask them if they can refer you to somewhere else
    qwertyuiop123 453 Replies
    • August 26, 2008
    • 01:08 AM
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  • I did. They don't. Medicaid access to health"care" is VERY difficult for many reasons. In Spokane,Washinton U.S. I am a big fat ZERO. I surmise that since I have been a problem for them, they did not correctly diagnose me until after the illness caused me to have psychosis, pancratic stones embedded in my pancreas(calcium stones I have had 24 procedures to remove them since 2004) during my over 70 hospital stays since 1998. I offended some of the local physician/administraters of residency programs & hospitals, demi god, EGOs!!! I am of the lowest priorities. I no longer, generally go ballistic and yank out I.V.s( these actions were done while severely ill and in unbelievable PAIN, while on an every 10 minute pain pump in 4 of my stays) Pres. Bush has cut funding so they are being pd. less than the 40 percent that they were getting for medicaid/medicare, here. Rationing is not an effect that is somewhere in the future IF we go socialized. IT is here NOW, any other belief had been propoganda by the AMA. I can back that up. I do hours of research trying to discover WHAT CAN BE DONE for me and 2 of my young female relatives who have had recent radical mastectomies. One of them is very poor also, though she has worked her entire life. She cannot get pain management here, nor adequate care, not many 3-4 clinics onlytreat the poor, the waiting list is long). The level of charity and depth of compassion is Shockingly absent. Advocacy is NOT availabel! Most of the 'health' organizations, only seem to help the well to do, or the socially connected. NOT the chronically ill, that are in poverty due to unfortunate illness, that prevents thier being productive. I am nothing to them! I am treated with disdain, as though I chose to be sick. They took 38 years to diagnose a congenital kidney problem, I had actively been seeking 2nd opinions for years(more than 150 local 'dr's). Medulary Sponge kidney, though they were often 'milking the system' with unecessary tests, thier diagnostic abilities absent or they meant to leave me to die! Thier skills were Horrid in FACT!!! I had 60 percent function when finally they discovered it. They have without consciense, nor fear of reprisal, labled me and fear no one because NO ONE CARES!!!! They have 'marked' my medical records so that I am treated as a drug addict though I am SERIOUSLY ill and in pain. They have manufactured LIES which discredit me. I had been telling them I was ill since the birth of my first child at 19. I had been in EXCRUTIATING pain since the pregnancy with my 3rd child, I was b12 aneamic and Iron deficient all during that preg, they gave me weekly injections during, nothing after. I had chief cell primary parathyroid hyperplasia. The 'doctors' in Spokane said I did not, so I called a Wonderful doctor, who had been removing 'inumerable' stones from my pancreas in Seattle Wa.. About 6 weeks after they (Spokane 'doctors' ) said I did not have pPTH hyperplasia and too, after they had done the sestamibi, the head of nuclear medicine at Inland Imaging of Spokane Valley, said my parathyroids were normal. I was having THEM REMOVED. I now have between 23-29 percent function of my kidneys. They were giving me medications that my kidneys could not handle. THEY are responsible for my loss of function. In the past 6 months I have been overdosed with medications that I should not have been given. The only neph doc I can go to as well gave me a medication that is not to be given to people allergic to slfa, I began feeling as ill as before my pth surgery and I could not see, it was as though I was looking through coragated plastic. I would think HE should know, That could have been my demise! $ 'insults' in 6 months, sound fishy to you? I hope God shows them equitable mercy on thier judgement day! 54 years old, I diagnosed, correctly my genetic illness that caused ALL my health issues. They created this bitterness! I had an operation in Seattle to remove 3 and 2/3 parahyroid glands at 52 years of age. My mind is much better, my anger seethes . I thought after that surgery, NOW, finally I would be helped. I am gullible and foolish in my former beliefs!!!!!!! They are EVIL, and GREEDY No transplant. I would not trust them to do dialysis in Spokane!!! I will die. I hope SO, SOON!!!! What? You don't care...SURPRISE!!!!!:mad::confused::(
    gluck7104 8 Replies
    • August 27, 2008
    • 05:55 PM
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  • Hi this is to let you know that yesterday the doctors office had a cancellation, my son brought me to the appt. They had not cultured mt urine, however they are now! I explianed that after years of complaining about pain in my kidneys that by the time I convinced a doctor to do an exploratory I had lost 40 pecent function , that after the birth of my n5th child andtelling them I had pain since 1973 at the age of 19. I told him that my infections did not show up in the urine tests they did, because the infection began in my kidneys.(It was discovered, after many years that I was born with a condition called medullary Sponge kidney), I was appx 39 or 40 years old by that time Because of the misshaped collection ducts the urine spills inside my kidneys and developes bacteria. I feel so much more optimistic today! The doctor went ahead and prescribed a small amount of antibiotics I also found that I was low on potassium, which explains, at least in part why I was feeling so weak. A wonderful woman doctor in Seattle Wa. had prescribed a new liquid potassiun for me and prescribed it in a dose that was not high enough fo me, I think she did this because she was cautious to not overdose me, thus preventing a heart attack, or toxicity. I prefer caution. So, the Spokane doctors have given a total of 4 medications in the last six months in doses much too high for my kidneys to clear, I was overdosed and felt as though I was at deaths door. I prefer her 'wait to see' attitude! I Thank you very mch for all the kindness and assistanc that I have gotten from this forum! I feel much better mentally today. I will feel physically, much better tommorow! I think things are once again on the way up! Bless this forum, and those of you who are helping so very much! This is a great resource!!!!:)
    gluck7104 8 Replies
    • August 29, 2008
    • 04:46 PM
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