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Jeanill's Story of Undiagnosis

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  • Posted By: jeanill
  • June 2, 2008
  • 04:48 PM

I am a female, age 55. I am becoming disabled. I have leg function loss. I feel ill every day. I am undiagnosed.

These are my symptoms in order of progression: (All symptoms have been getting progressively worse).
2003: Pain and stiffness across the back of my pelvis, and fatigue.
2005: Trouble standing and walking. I used to be able to stand 3 hours.
Today it is difficult to stand or walk one block. I drag my legs after
walking 20 minutes, because my leg muscles start burning, and get VERY
heavy and weak. I can hardly lift my legs to climb 5 steps. My legs
get better after resting. My toes are numb. (FYI: I showed the doctor
that I could "not" do squats. He wrote: "wide based gait, unable to walk
on toes...tandem walking with difficulty.") Why?
2006-Morning muscle stiffness and stiffness after sitting. I had severe
dizziness (the intern said it was vertigo). Sometimes I get little
pulses in my head, as my vision goes dark for a second. Why? 2007-My
joints started feeling stiff in the mornings. The stiffness migrates.
(It is in my neck, knuckles, hips, knees and ankles.)

Over the years, my doctor only took x-rays, blood blood tests (CBE, MET,
TSH, CK, RF, and SED), and an MRI of my middle back and neck.
:confused:He never told me what was wrong.
:confused:He never tested me for a virus infection, although a refering doctor said I needed a sputum culture.
:confused:He ignores my symptoms. (I sat on the floor and SHOWED him I could NOT get up.)

In September-2007 I purchased my medical records. It said: mild cervical
and lumbar stenosis, degenerative disc disease at all levels of my
spine, scoliosis, osteoarthritis in both hands and knees, and sicca

This does NOT explain my leg function loss, or fatigue. My spine is
getting very stiff. I can "not" turn over in bed. Why?

In April 2007, I began feeling very ill. I am tired when I wake up and
get completely exhausted by the afternoon. I cough all the time. The
doctor thought I had a virus. (But it did NOT get better.) Later he
said it might be a bacterial infection, and prescribed Zithromax for 6
days. But the antibiotics did not help me. I am still sick. I feel a
lot worse after taking the antibiotics. Last month my hands started
trembling slightly, when I reached for a door handle, after carrying
groceries. It happened several times, since. Could I have MS?

In March 2008, I started posting my symptoms on the Wrong Diagnosis medical fboards. The replies said that I might have vascular problems (the intern originally ordered a treadmill test, then changed his mind), or Lyme disease. (I had never heard of Lyme disease, until now.) I remember that I had a round red itchy rash, on my left leg in 1991 that lasted 3 weeks. In 2005, I started getting pink itchy rashes on my chest, that lasted about 30 minutes. I still get them every few days. (Could I have Lyme or an autoimmune disease?)

I also paid $15.00 to post my symptoms on a Doctor's Forum. The doctor
replied with three possible diagnoses: 1-He said my doctor was testing
my "brain and cerebellum" for balance function when he had me stand &
walk on my toes, (I could "not" do this). 2-My dizziness could be
"Menier's Disease." 3-My leg symptoms could be caused by "neurological"
problems, or nerve compression. And my degree of spinal stiffness (with
multi-level disc bulging, foraminal encroachment, facet disease, and
hemangeomas) "is out of proportion to someone my age," so I should
"consider a diagnosis of spondyloarthropathy."

When I brought all this information to my doctor, he got angry and said
he "did not have time to answer my questions, because he had other
patients." :(He refused to order any other tests. I am becoming
disabled. I feel ill. I have difficulty doing daily activities. How
can I get my doctor to listen to me and do further testing?

Also: If I start my own blog, is legal for me to tell the names of my doctors who treated me with disrespect and ignored my symptoms?

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