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It started with an absessed molar

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  • Posted By: yetanotherdave
  • April 18, 2008
  • 00:02 PM

It started with an absessed molar back in december 2006. I was never the same. Antibiotics were given and the molar extracted. A week later, I started getting these hot flushes which progressed to migraines which I had never had problems with headaches in my life, period. Then I got sick with some kind of flue. The flue never went away. The symptoms are so intense and so varied its difficult to list the order in which I experienced them. The doctor sent me for blood tests repeatedly for months on end. The only thing that shows up is that I have protein leakage into my urine. Not surprising because I abused tylenol and asprin for most of my life because of degenerative disc disease. It was that or become an opiate addict-no thanks. Went to the nephrologist and he couldnt come up with anything either except a possible problem with my pancreatic function. 4 straight rounds of antibiotics and 2 days after they are done im sick again. Here is a list of symptoms that I experience in cronological order. It all starts with eating any kind of protein or injesting any kind of pill or medication. I cant even take an asprin.

I eat any kind of meat or take any kind of pill and I start to get heat flushes from my chest into my head. Half the time my skin is hot to the touch, the other half its cold. This turns into a migraine headache and exhaustion kicks in to the point of near colapse. My face, mouth and nose especially, begin to tingle and itch badly. While this reaction begins taking place, my throat and thyroid, and lymph glands are all swelling and painful to touch. My throat and chest start to tighten up and I start to feel like Im suffocating and cant breath. A puffer and or relaxation help me get threw this. If I persist in eating anything more complex than a simple carb or starch, fruit or vegitable, I react like this and have to go pass out for 2 or 3 hours to try and survive these bouts. My urine also foams up really badly indicating the protein is leaking. It almost goes away if I dont eat and drink alot for hours. Also, if I keep reacting it becomes a sinus cold/infection which moves into the top chest area and the fluid builds up and my body cant remove it. Its antibiotics time again.
When I wake yup in the morning, my skin is screaming at me like I have 2nd degree sunburn to my whole body. My skin is extremely dry and I must use moisturiser to make it feel more comfortble. I am no longer able to sweat it seems. I exhaust from heat easily and cannot warm up in the cold. Ive lost my bodies heat regualtion system it seems. I get swelling in my feet alot and hands at times and they itch horribly. When these bouts occur, my mental condition deteriorates. I went from being able to concentrate on my computer coding for 12-16 hours a day when I was working on a project. Now, I cant concentrate for more than an hour before becoming fatigued. I cant multitask like I did at all. I forget words, peoples names that ive known personaly for years, lose my train of thought thhalf way threw conversations and a lot of times just give up talking because I cant hold a conversation. My vision blurs and I easily fatigue. My mental constitution also changes drasticly when this "mystery illness" kicks in. Ive was extremely sick with pnuemonia many years ago and my head didnt tell me I was going to die, but now, when the illness hits, theres a little voice inside my head thats saying my times up, and that Im dying. Its scary as ***l to be honest because when Im not reacting, everything seems fine & life is great, but when it starts again, its like my whole psych depresses and I get this "cloud over my head Im dying" feeling. I keep trying to convince myself otherwise but it hasnt helped. It might have to do with the fact that when Im succumbing to exaustion, Im seriously wondering weather Im going to wake up again or not.

So after a year of blood testing, and you name it, theyve tested for it,still no diagnosis. The doctor says my blood test results are wonky and make no sense. So after testing myself the hard way over the last year and a half, Ive discovered that I can eat vegtables, apples, oranges and grapefruit, potatoes and rice, white starch noodles. No protein of ANY kind, meat or dairy. No aspirins, anti-depressants, anti inflams pain killers, multivitamins, especially vitamin B group. The only pills that cause NO reaction are anti histamines and decongestants/cough syrup & antibiotics: if they have no aspirin in them. Digestive enzyme pills cut the reaction in half.

I had kineseology testing for allergies done and did a lot of work clearing them but it helped, it didnt cure, and some things that cause me to react like chicken or beef, showed no allergy reaction threw testing at all, even though Im reacting to it so its not an allergic cause I dont think.

I quit smoking almost 2 years ago, and became a cycling enthusiast, lost major weight and felt better than I had in my whole life. I eat well and am very diet conscious. Then the mystery illness hit. I now have high blood pressure and cholestoraL. Diabetes and thyroid problems are in the family and have been tested for negatively.

Im open to any ideas.

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  • Thanks for the reply blaze, since my last post i9n April Ive been researching lyme disease ina big way. My doctor did the tet, not sure which one it was but it came back negative. But I have to report that my health has drasticly improved in part due to 3 important changes. 1) I drasticly cut fown on any food or medicine reactants.2) I have used all ecuses possible to obatin antibiotics at the start of anohter bout. I have been through 5 rounds now. Each time it has improved my health substantially and the effects have lasted longer than the 2days after ending the therapy.3) In an attempt to counter my body thermostat problems and lethargy I started to take Kelp supplements, which have 650 Mcg of Iodine in each tablet. The effects of the kelp were immediate and amazing. My energy levels increased directly with my increased intake. I also discovered that taking them with my food allowed me to start introducing small amounts of meat and protein into my diet again. I started off by tasking to tablets a day and over a six week period increased my dosage to 21 tabs per day.4) I also stopped using sugar in my pepperment teas and replaced with honey. I seemed to be crashing from the sugar usage in my tea and I remembered that honey doesnt stimualate the insulan release by the pancrease, it causes the release of adrenilin. When I take antihistamines my health seems to improve, and the ephidirene I was told is basicly adrenilin. So far, it seems to be working.Im able to work for longer periods of time and seem to have my health back to about 65% of what it was before the illness hit.I still think its lyme disease.Dave
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  • Since my last post I was stung by a wasp and i usually use an epi-pen but I had been experiencing chest pains that day and did not usde the pen because I thought it may stress my hear to much. The bite was on my lower calf and I did not experience any closing of my wind pipe or hives so I did not seek medical attention. But now my condition has returned full throttle once again. 5 days after the bite, I went and got antibiotics for lyme disease from the clinic. They started to work immediately but after about the 4th or 5th day I began to react to them as well. I got sick after taking the doxycycline that I had to stop them. I went back to the Doctor and was told that the standard medical profession can no longer help me. My symptoms do not fall into any established medical diagnosis and that he could no longer help and that I should seek out a naturopath. Now, virtually every food that I didnt react too causes a reaction again and my condition is worsening. I started to research the endocrine system again and it appears that all my symptoms are directly related to its failing. I read that if you take baking soda and drink it it helps get rid of metabolic acidosis. I tried a tablespoon worth and immediately my reactions almost disappeared and my lungs were able to breath and take in air without effort like they hadnt been able to in a very long time. My muscler stiffness and aches disappered too. My personal experiments showed that a level teaspoon in a large glass with a meal did wonders for limiting or eliminating my reactions but if I took it not on an empty stomich then I would react to it too. Now im at the point where I am experiencing reactions when Im not even eating any food or drinks except water. With not being able to take antibiotics anymore to stop the lung, sinous and bronchial infections that I was getting from this illness, I fear Im not far away from one final infection of some sort that is going to be my last.
    yetanotherdave 2 Replies
    • September 1, 2008
    • 06:11 PM
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  • The abcess...get examined by an oral surgeon. Sometimes they don't remove teeth correctly and it leaves a hole to your inner workings...the abcess could be festering deep inside..however, you have taken antibiotics, but maybe not the right type for an abcess. Talk with the oral surgeon about the abcess not treated correctly and on-going problems. You may also need to see a neurologist to rule out anything going on in your brain, either from the abcess or something new. Perhaps a different dentist could do an x-ray and see if the abcess has healed, too.
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • September 1, 2008
    • 11:31 PM
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