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Is it Addison's Disease?

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  • Posted By: prettypauli
  • July 3, 2008
  • 10:43 AM

I am an American married to a Brit and I have lived in England for 14 years. In October 2006 suddenly Iwas hit with joint paint and pain just above my tailbone and my thighs so bad.that on some days I couldn't even walk at all. The Doctor said that was Arthritis. Then in April 2007 I went to America to see my Father as he was dying, and my legs and feet began swelling up to double their size. I also got a blood clot while I was there. When I returned I still swelled up, and went to my Doctor. He said it was my kidneys as he had tested them in Mrch and they only functioned 75%. In August I dehydrated, my blood pressure plunged, I was very nuseated, and couldn't eat anything but a little yogurt each day. I was hospitalised. The Doctors said it was an allergic reaction to anti-inflammatories. I have been on 2 stomach meds ever since, and have lost 4 stones of weight all together. I am very weak, very fatiqued, I have very low blood pressure, but always have. My parents both do. I am in horrible pain in my back, stomach, and abdomen, my thyroxine level is messed up, my vitamin B 12 level was messed up, my kidney funtion level dropped to 50 % in February, But there was a scan done and my kidneys are perfect ,my gallbladder is fine, my liver is fine, my pancreas is fine, my bladder is fine. I stared running 105 F fevers and having chills from time to time since December. I don't have an infection. I am getting sicker and sicker. The Doctor has done one test for Addison's,but has not gotten back to me. I do have some pigmentation on my back. My husband spotted it Please help!

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  • The edema could be seriously be related to a circulatory problem or a low serum protein level all of which can cause rather serious symptoms if not solved. Addisons disease relates to inadequate epinephrine(adrenaline production) which can deplete the heart and other major bodily functions. Adrenaline enables the body to react during stress without suffering severe damage to support organs. Without adequate adrenal supply, there is inflammation, edema, and potential demage to heart, central nervous stability and brain function. I would recommend , and I am not a physician but my mother had similar symptoms, that you find a hematology doctor or an endocrinologist who can due a laboratory diagnosis via your blood....which reveals everything. Physicians and surgeons irresponsibly diagnosed my mother till she as in a near death state and I requested her blood work be sent to a qualified pathologist. They found low serum protein blood levels which shows a depletion of the bodies ability to maintain adequate oxygen levels along with inadequate nutrition for cell repair. In any case, I assure you that the blood work, if expertly analyzed and I mean expertly, will reveal not only pathology but also related detailed feminine hormone levels and thyroid levels , all of which can seriously affect health... Note I am not talking about garden variety blood analysis but that specific to all hormone levels present and a blood profile.
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