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is ebv?

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  • Posted By: iwantmyhealthback
  • September 30, 2012
  • 06:59 PM

Can somebody please help me read these results. I been sick for a month now, everything from tingling and numbing, to recurrent sinus infection, tiredness, fog head, burning sensation in my muscles, I'm sick and tired of feeling like this. I'm 30 year old female, and been very healthy most of my life. Its been a horrible experience,, its affecting me and my family in a big way. I found an internal medicine doctor and she told me I had epv, and that if I didn't feel better in two months she's going to diagnose me with fibromylagia, which I belive its not possible cause I been pretty healthy my whole life. After having three weeks straight of severe sinus, I decided to go to an allergy and sinus doctor. When she saw my lab work from the internal doctor she said I HAD ebv in the past, but she didn't belive that was the reason of my fatigue and muscle aches and all the pains and discomfort I have going on right now. Now I'm confused, I just want to feel like myself again. Here are my results: EPSTEIN BARR PANEL (VCA IgG/IgM, EARLY, EBNA IgG) COLLECTION DATE 09/06/2012 ORDER DATE 09/06/2012 RESULT DATE 09/10/2012 EBV VCA IgG 141.0 (SEE BELOW U/ML) H EBV VCA IgM <10.0 (SEE BELOW U/ML) EBV EARLY AG IgG 14.1 (SEE BELOW U/ML) H EBV NUCLEAR ANTIGEN IgG 15.2 (SEE BELOW U/ML) if somebody can please help me. I will really really appreciate it.

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  • I was exposed as a teenager to a bad form of mononucleusis. I did not develop it at the time but it put my boyfriend in ICU for a few weeks. I was taking antibiotics for an earring infection. Years later I would feel under the weather for a day or so and get swollen glands everywhere for no reason but it would quickly pass. When I was 32 I had an EBV test which showed similar results as yours. At the time I was dealing with similar symptoms that gradually worsened. I also had an equivocal blood test for Lyme Disease. While I still test equivocal for Lyme and did have a tick bite in my 20's I never met the CDC guidelines for treatment for chronic Lyme. However, at the same time as these tests I had a negative lumbar for Lyme and Multiple Sclerosis. After years of dealing with intermittent random symptoms I had another lumbar puncture. This time it showed postive for MS. You may want to get tested for Lyme and/or MS.You are about the common age for MS symptoms and it effects more women than men. Personally, I believe MS is caused from long term low level exposure to Malithion in your teenage years when your body is lacking in certain nutrients. I also believe that MS develops when you are exposed to a neurotransmitter blocker (novocaine lidocaine, etc. . . ) of any kind at a time when your body is also lacking certain nutrients. I further believe that when said neurotransmitter blockade wears off it then allows the Malithion stored in your fat cells to convert to maloaxen and slowly release causing a form or type of neurotoxicity that results in symptoms of MS, Crones disease and other types of disorders. This may be a bit off your topic and just an opinion but you may want to check into the related symptoms.
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