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intense abdominal pain!!!

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  • Posted By: adrift at sea
  • March 12, 2007
  • 04:13 AM

I am a 34 year old construction worker.For about 10 years or so I have had a feeling almost like a twist or something under left side of my ribcage at the bottom.This only happened about once every few weeks in the beginning but in the last year or so it has increased to almost constant.I have been to the family doctor enough to send his kids to law school and have been to two different G.I. "specialist",one in the early stages and one currently.I go next week to see a third!:confused:
I have had five colonoscopy procedures,upper G.I.,upper endoscopy,and the ever popular small bowel follow through.Lots of trips to the E.R. in the last 2 years for pain meds and every x-ray and CT scan known to man.I was diagnosed with I.B.S. 10 years ago,diverticular disease 3 years ago with a binine polyp removed,diagnosed with G.E.R.D. last year and gall bladder disease.Apparrently my gall bladder caused my amylase levels to triple and I had my first pancreatitis attack.:eek:
The worst pain under the bottom of my sterum that I hope my worst enemy never feels.Had my gall bladder removed.After the surgery last year,I have the sever pains in the sternum area and left side every few days,from 15 min. to 2 hrs. in durationbut blood work does not show high amylase.My current out of state specialist did her own scopes and tests.She said I did not have diverticular disease or anything else(G.E.R.D. etc.)Two CT's showed dilation in my small intestine but she can't find the cause and others were normal so she put me on levesin and asked me if I had a family history of pshycosis???If anyone can help I will personally put in a good word to ****s for you!!!(OR YOUR CHOICE OF DIETY OF COURSE):cool:

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  • Happen to have the same "twist" - feels like cramp. Have other symptoms including pounding heartbeat, nausea, chest pain, etc. Have had many of the same tests but still no answer. If they could find something to take out and make this go away I would be all for it! Certainly has had an effect on quality of life for the last year. If anyone has any guesses I'm all ears.
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  • Try dr. Hulda Clarks liver flush. I had many of the same symptoms and have been able to significantly decrease the syptoms and pain by doing routine 9evry 3-4 months ) liver flushes ..you'll also be amazed at what you are able to flush out ...literally handfulls of calculus (stuf thats to soft to show up on exrays but about the consistency of wet soap.
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  • IF you have pain near sternum, have you seen a cardiologist? Sounds like your GI docs have been thorough. What's a small bowel follow through? I never heard of that! You might be seeking helpd from the wrong specialist... Is it possible you have adhesions from all your procedures? Hope you feel better soon, and if this helps put in a good word with God for me.
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  • Do you have a family history of similar pain and problems ? Some well meaning doctors do have to consider stress. But when they press that issue then I believe they are lost for a diagnosis. Your understandings of the workings of YOUR body has to define which came first. Regardless, you have to be honest and realize what's happening. It's your body. Concern about an illness will eventually cause stress. Finding the right doctor can be a harrowing trip.Have you been tested for Crohn's Disease ? Upper GI may not show it. Lower GI may not show it. Watch the color of your stools. The redder (Possible fresh blood) or even the darker (Possible old burnt blood)could define further a Large intestine or Small intestine related location. Check with your family members to see if any of them are having similar conditions, though not as bad.
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  • Hey guys.I appreciate the response.In answer to your questions I have seen a cardiologist.I underwent a stress test on the treadmill and apparently did fine.I had a little spike in blood pressure but that seems to be normal.It did not trigger an attack eventhough I was concerned it might.Bloodwork showed high bad cholesterol and I am currently taking Zocor because even with insurance I cannot afford Vytorin.The cardiologist says it does not seem to be related to a heart condition.He was very nice and seemed genuinely concerned.His orders are to have bloodwork done again in a few months to check Zocors effectiveness.The new G.I. doctor ordered a wireless capsule which I took last week but have not got results back yet.My mother had crohn's among other gut problems,and a brother-in-law also,he is not blood related of course but has almost identical syptoms.The wireless capsule showed the ulcerations in his small bowel about a month ago.The only thing other than crohn's that seems like similar symptoms is sphincter of oddi disfunction.But the test for this is not simple or non-invasive,I suppose it will be a last resort.Oh,and a small bowel follow through is a series of X-rays after ingesting a contrast agent.The good news is if any of this does not pan out I probably have a promising future as a script writer for House M.D. I certainly know more info. about this than I ever wanted too.:cool: Thanks again and I apologize for length.
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  • I also had the barium drink, multiple times. Nothing showed. And the lower GI.Multiple times. Same problem of inconclusive diagnosis. Only when I almost died that an exploratory showed what I had. Crohn's. That was 32 yrs ago. I've outlived most of the doctors. Had a few close calls; adhesions and blockages. Recent bad colonoscopies due to medically caused piercing of my colon. Hopefully any new testing is better than what I went through. After, my Mother and I talked about my problem. That's when we decided that what she had was the same thing. Back then they did not know what to call her many stomach related problems and operations. For lack of a knowledgeable diagnosis they called hers benign cancers. We believe that my brother died of it in 1996. Docs didn't catch his till after they closed him up after an exploratory. They knew, when I showed up when he was on his deathbed. I recognized them and vice versa.
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