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Incredibly Misdiagnosed

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  • January 27, 2007
  • 04:00 PM

I haven't spoken in years with a result... First I would like to establish some integrity about myself. I am a veteran. To simply sum up my time donated serving, I passed stringent standards to maintain and fly with aircraft. Only 6 years in, but was a good tour, flawless.Very busy.
My true story has not yet allowed me to find anyone with any factual event that even came close to the ridiculous path I ended up with....
It started in DEC 1996. Looking forward to a full time uniion type job with local ANG. Had a temporary plate in my foot due to car wreck, but was as harmless as doctor said it would be, and could be removed possibly sooner than later.
Here are some facts relevant to acheiving a diagnosis....

Early dec 96- received a shot to maintain world wide qualified, including typhoid. That shot made me slightly ill the first time, but quickly recovered, and was informed slight side effects are normal- I simply ate more until it went away in a matter of days.
flew to England, quick trip, same December. Got very sick very fast, nausea, vomit, Drank hotel room alcohol to "kill It", something violently took over my gut
made it home, had an inflight occurrence that left me laying on my back with one hand on my crotch after getting a very serious mysterious blast of frigid/bad air that took my breath- walked away on my own off of the plane.
Got home. got even sicker, lost memory, woke up in the shower, went unconscious, reason unknown. Excruciating brain pain, sense of fluid ran down the insoide of my neck, and puss type substance out my eyes- did this for better part of a week.Not once mention of going to a hospital... <-The Mistake that nearly cost my life.Isn't family and friends wonderful? :confused:
Proceeded to use the john, very very bad excretion, may have been blood- vomited nearly the same time. Could not hold food down
I do remember telling my "boss" could not work- the next 18 months are a blurr, as if to be in a walking coma
Bad advice form Grandma- a mental hospital. No complete memory, reminded to eat and keep clean, didn't know I had a girlfriend, or any friends for that matter, among all responsibilities forgotten as well. Grandma harbored it incorrectly (I am still not mad at an elderly mind doing what it does)
Was at mental hospital 6 weeks, brain pain and bad reactions to all medication. The biggest cure was the fantastic food ("Hey doc, that was the bioggest hint of something physical"). the diagnosis was left off at some type of schizo disorder- "approaching death brings "ghosts" in my unwritten book", <-I really said that out loud. I still shrug it off as a bad dream and hallucinating on horrifying brain medication.
"set free" so to speak, knew I was recovering very slowly-threw meds away, of course, that was a dramatic help for the better.
Still no diagnosis, ended up in an 8ft wide mobile hut with 1.5 inch thick walls for 5 years expecting to die- without depression, I accepted my demise. With my SSI check, went for broke for 50lbs of meat a month, my 120lb five feet 9 inch walking skeleton ate all of it - did this routine for 3 years- no weight gain. 13 teeth exploded within this time frame (I mean exploded)
Survived yet again, I stayed as slow as necessary to maintain a stable line of thought and function. No friends girlfriends, enemies, doctors, nobody.. and not even lonely.
8 years later (2004) still weighed 120 lbs, ate like an obese, decided to check on my foot with the plate and screws- my leg with this plate was shrunken to the size of my arm (very small- grotesque to look at). Got operation after first consultation- biggest improvement yet
Grandma went psycho, I ended up leaving to a homeless shelter- categorized , I ened up in the same room as a gain green victim due to my open scar not healed yet and badly limping- not to mention I looked like a starving plague victim-
2005-present. Miracle. Stronger memory than ever, back up to 140lbs, my legf that had the plate seems to be impossibly bent. My knee cap feels like it is falling off and in pain. did gain miuscle, not quite symmetrical yet as both legs should be.I have read on the net for several years now in pursuit of what happened.I was above avergae mentally, physically- to tuen suddenly into a walking dead person- with not a single corrective help, asiode from food and SSI along the way (thank god for SSI)
Here are my guesses from things I have read.

parasitic cyst due to undercooked meat (dinner in England)
electrocution type event on plane- metal in a human body is not welcome there
typhoid shot hung on longer than it shouldn't haveTo conclude: I am alive and well, except for my leg, I push it to its limits. Be careful, and think ahead as if you are going to get ill and wonder who would give advice....
I barely survived what could have been a simple diagnosis. 11 years later, I am still just as baffled as ever...

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